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Saturday, March 20, 2010

 I began writing when I was just a child. My parents would ground me to my room without any source of entertainment such as tv or radio. You have to remember, in the 80's, radio was everything. MTV was just begining to take shape and we all had big hair. I'm sure all the adults out there remember that.

So, when I would get in trouble, and it was often...I would read and write. I found out I loved writing. I loved coming up with the characters and taking them on adventures. I was even able to create characters based on people I was angry at and make their life hell...I mean let's face it, when your a teenager, this can be theraputic.

Time went on and I grew up. I bacame a wife and a mom, however I never stopped writing. About 4 years ago, I began writing this series called The Burning Times. Even though it was a life long dream, I didn't know when I started writing the series I was going to try to get published. This time didn't come without it's heartbreak. Three years ago we had a fire and we lost everything. I had to start over...When I say start over, I mean family made it out but all we had was the clothes on our backs.

Then a miracle happened. I don't know if anyone out there believes in miracles, but I do, and this one is mine. When the sun came up my fiance', John  and I decided to go to the house and survey the damage. On my desk next to the melted and chared computer was a stack of disks and a paper (hard) copy of the very first draft of The Burning Times. I couldn't believe it!!!  I had lost everything accept this single copy and some disks that contained the outlines of the next two books and half of the second. It was like a sign from God...I am suppose to write.

Well, I had to wait again to start working on the series because we have a big family and no place to live. For Christmas, John, bought me a labtop computer so I could start writing again. It didn't take long for the words to begin comming out...

The links to this page will take you to some short stories I have posted on as well as a few of my novels. The first of which is called I AM WOLF. Then there is a series I'm currently working on called The Burning Times. I hope that you enjoy the reads. Leave me a comment and let me know you were here. Also if you like what you read, click follow so you can be notified when I have added a new story.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.  :)

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