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Thursday, March 8, 2012

CompulsionCompulsion by Kymberlee Burks-Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Compulsion is a simple read in that you don't have to have a dictionary next to you to understand it. That makes it easy to sink into it with ease and allows the reader to experience the different layers of the characters.

The story opens with Lily losing her grandma and from there she is whisked into a world of magic she doesn't quite fully understand. The entire levity of the opening scene really pulled at my heart strings and made me appreciate the depth Lilly had, from the start.

I love the way author Kymberlee Burks-Miller added the details of the characters and the surroundings and the many layers she added to not just one but all her characters, thus making it easy to know who was speaking and able to actually picture them.

The world of magic mixed with vampires is not a new concept, however she was able to bring fresh life to that world and make it her own. Bravo on that.

The one thing I loved most about this book was the message of family unity and how it never seemed to be the last thing on the characters minds and hearts. In a society filled with brother against brother and sister against sister, it is nice to see that the main theme of this novel for the YA crowd is all about maintaining the unity of the family.

I look forward to allowing my daughter to read this book and can't wait to read what she has coming in the future. Bravo on your debut novel!! It is amazing!!

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