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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Brian D. Byers

THE ECLECTIC ARTIST CAVE PRESENTS BRIAN BYERS. LIVE ON SATURDAY MARCH 5TH AT 10 AM CST.  Brian is a master when it comes to marketing. Join me and hear some of his marketing tips and learn about a new iphone app for your phones. If you love the paranormal, you're going to love this one!

Brian Byers is best known for bringing to life animated characters such as Spongebob Squarepants, Curious George, and Barbie. He always wanted to be an animator and still creates and breathes life into his own characters on a daily basis. Brian is one of those few people that actually can support the label "renaissance man" without missing a beat. Besides his job as an animator, Brian also is a film-maker for both mainstream and adult entertainment, paranormal radio show host, iPhone/Android app developer, professor of business marketing and design, tattooist, grip, gaffer and candlestick maker!

Ghostology was started back in 2006 as a 30min weekly podcast. It has since grown to a 2 hour program airing on FATE Radio, a station he owns.
Hosted by Brian and Anna Marie Byers, they bring audiences only the best in paranormal interviews as well as pack a punch with their mantra: Sex, Ghosts, & Rock n' Roll, baby!

Dark Sun Studios, Utah’s Premiere Motion Picture Production Team.
The Dark Sun Studios Team is always working on something new. We’ve done everything from music videos and motion pictures to television commercials and live events. They are currently renovating the studio and their site. So many exciting things are happening at Dark Sun Studios.

FATE Radio  was born to showcase the paranormal and give access to experts in the field of paranormal studies. It grew out of a passion from asking the single question all writers ask-"WHAT IF?"

Some of Fate Radio's shows include, Dr. Rita, a soul healer  and Ghost Hunting Southern Style. Fate Radio explores all aspects of the paranormal. Remember to come with an open mind and an open heart, because sometimes you have to ask yourself, "Do I really believe?"

Ghostology Store

Discarnotes: Paranormal Logbook

DISCARNOTES is the original ghost hunters logbook that helps you to document moon phases, experiences, and even forms designed to help you and your team gain access to public and private property. An essential took for the avid ghost hunter.

I Think We've Got Ghosts is a children's book designed to help kids understand things they might be experiencing but don't know how to put it into words.
The author, Brian Byers, wrote this book from a parents point of view in hopes that it may act as a tool between child and parent, helping the child put into words, what might be difficult to understand.

How to Catch a Ghost : DVDs

How to Catch a Ghost is a DVD series designed to teach ghost hunters exactly how NOT to catch a ghost. From learning how to clean EVPs to understanding the many definitions and types of reported hauntings, Brian & Anna Marie from Ghostology guide you with their humor and experience as you learn the many facets to the ghost hunting hobby.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feeling Introverted: One Writer's Journey

There are days like today when I wonder what I was thinking trying to get into a business that is more competitive than any other business around. I mean we as writers are plagued with rejection, hammered with critiques and smashed with other people's opinions on a daily basis. We don't stop though. I think it's because we can't. We have words crashing around our heads being said by characters we create and oddly enough they are only seen by others because we choose to allow it. I think in a lot of ways we are all a little nuts. We see the world different than most people.

I have been playing the waiting game for a couple months now. I have to say it's the hardest thing I've ever done. Writing, that was the easy part. Waiting to be judged by those who hold the golden ticket to the show, that's the hard part.

The ever reclusive golden ticket is an odd creature. It peeks its head out only when it feels like it. They don't multiply too often so there is a limited supply and they are shy. I would imagine catching a golden ticket is a lot like discovering a new planet or winning the lottery. It's a dream come true.

What happens after you land one of those little creatures? Does the work end there?

That's the illusion of the whole game. People see others making it and think it's an over night success kind of thing. The truth is, a lot of blood, sweat and tears are shed AFTER the ticket is given. There are more edits, galley proofing's, approval of covers and last but not least, you have to give shout outs to the world and hope they are listening. The last one, well I would imagine that is the hardest one in the line up.

The funny thing about all this; we choose to do this for a living, for the sheer joy of it, or even just because. The philosophy behind it eludes us. Do we seek approval from the world? Is that why we chase the golden ticket? I don't know. What I do know is there is nothing like creating something from nothing. We rip it out of the stars and make it real. We are the gods of our own creations. Perhaps we are just control freaks.

I do know at this moment my muse beckons me. She is floating above me with a look of disapproval because I'm not working on The Kiss or Heart Beat right now. I better go before she decides to give me the silent treatment. She's a snarly bitch at times.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Writing Tip Tuesday

Get an editor, work with an editor if you can. These days the market is very tight and it’s competitive. It needs to be made camera tight. Go to your local college English department if you can’t afford one. ~~Chamein Canton~~

We as writers share our souls when we show our creations to the world. We are telling simple truths about who we are and how we view the world. The characters we create are often conjured from our own experiences and the settings we create are the very places we use to escape our everyday lives. We tread a fine rope between reality and fantasy. We have to. We have no choice.

That being said, an editor brings us crashing down from the clouds we float across on a daily basis. We land smack dab in the land of reality. Our worlds are shattered and stained in blood from the red pen that belongs to the one person we want to say, "I love it. It's perfect."

In reality, we are unable to see the holes in our plots, the mistakes of dialogue from the characters we create and the many, many, many grammatical errors we make. Editors make us grow as writers. They stand in the background and let us shine. In fact, they force us to shine and push the boundaries of what we create.

I believe Stephen King said it best, "To edit is divine." 

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Elizabeth Kolodziej

The Eclectic Artist Cave Welcomes LIVE on Saturday February 26 at 10 AM CST, Elizabeth Kolodziej author of Vampyre Kisses. She will also be doing a book signing from 2-6 pm in Ithaca, NY. Join us live to hear all about the exciting things going on with Vampyre Kisses.


Vampyre Kisses is an enthralling story about a young woman named Faith, who seems content with her life, but deep down craves more excitement. Then a mysterious man named Trent enters her world and everything changes. Surprising to Faith, Trent is a green-eyed vampire from Ireland. She is even more amazed to find out that she is a witch, and the last of her kind. Faith learns that she is destined to restore her witch line and becomes more powerful as she gains confidence and knowledge, but danger lurks everywhere -- especially when unknown assailants steal the most important gems from the vampire master and werewolf royalty. Now surrounded by a world filled with mystifying vampires and werewolves, can Faith gain enough power to help her friends and rescue the stolen gems?


Elizabeth J Kolodziej, a young fiction writer originally from Torrance California, is a smart and original thinker who has researched the origins of vampires, werewolves, and witches for many years. She writes her books from the knowledge she has gained while trying to be as original and inspiring as possible. Her books encompass both true folklore facts along with innovative ideas motivated by the great writers around her. This book is her first but not her last in a new series entitled Vampyre Kisses.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling Introverted: One Writer's Journey

There is something different and special about a woman's heart. We are able to be strong and vulnerable at the same time. We bend but don't break. We can't. We have too much to do in our everyday lives to even get a chance to break. We know what we want and yet at the same time sometimes what we want isn't good for us.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling Introverted: One Writer's Journey

I wake up every morning with a groggy feeling sitting stagnant in my body.  No it isn't time to wake up yet is it?   While I'm having my first cup of coffee, I get the kids off to school and John off to work. If I'm lucky, like right now, I get a little quiet time before the little kids wake up and want breakfast.

There is no such thing as ever lasting peace and quiet in my house though. One by one my two little ones wake up. My daughter Carolyne always asks to eat breakfast right away. You would think she never eats the way she acts sometimes. When I don't move right then, she gets a small frown on her face and her forehead wrinkles. With her arms crossed she responds, "But I'm hungry now mommy."

To which I reply, "It will be a few minutes. Sit down and wake up first."

Trystan, my two year old, always wants to cuddle when he wakes up. It's so sweet. He immediately looks for me and climbs into my lap no matter what I'm doing. I don't mind though because I know he's going to grow up and want little to do with me.

Once they are finished with their morning routine, I finally get a chance to sit and think about what I want to do and what I need to do. Writing is always at the top of the list. Of course it is. I have to giggle at this a little because I can't think of a day that has past where I didn't write something. A poem, a little piece of flash fiction or even a journal entry has been written everyday since I can remember.

My first experience at writing a story came when I was in third grade. We had to make up a story. Mine was about a piece of chalk that came to life and drew me a magical world with a unicorn. Yes I still believed in unicorns back then. In a way, I still do. Fairies too, but that is for another time.

For those who don't know, I didn't learn to read or write until I was 8 years old. I didn't know the alphabet and I had no idea what a vowel was. I couldn't see. Everything in my life was a blur and some how I had been passed over time and again in school labeled with the term "Slow." In truth, I wasn't slow at all. I just thought the teacher was playing a game when she would point to things on the chalk board.

A whole new world opened up to me when I received my first pair of glasses. Trees were sharper and oh my good, the boys were actually cute. All that time, people were nothing but blobs of color that moved around in a frantic manner. I had no idea faces existed. Observation became my new game. Little did I know then how much of an impact it would have on my life.

If you are a writer or even want to be one, I would love to hear about an observation you experienced. To this day, I still play my little observation game. I sit with a pen and note pad in hand and I write what I see. The way a shadow plays with the light or how a person walks down the street in an easy going slow pace without a worry in the world, all of those come in handy. They become what we see in our characters. Write an observation about the way your children play with others. I promise this is one you will cherish for years to come. Your observations will become the images from the everyday life we all take for granted. They will bring what you write to life. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Writing Tip Tuesday

Write what you love. ~~Abigail Madison-Chase~~

I couldn't agree more with Abigail on this. Writing what you love makes all the other stuff that comes with it less important.

I received my first rejection on I AM WOLF. It's a badge of honor to me. I'm sure most of you are saying, "WHAT?"

Thing is this, it's my first rejection. As writers we all know they're coming. The first one is not a surprise. It is part of the game of writing. The business of writing is so much different than the art of writing. That's why writing what you love is so important. It doesn't come off forced when you write what you love.

The way I look at it all is pretty simple. Rejections come with the business. It is all part of the game. That doesn't mean give up and it doesn't mean I'm bad. It just means it wasn't for them. I wonder what I'll think when I'm farther down the road. Will I think the same thing? Who knows.

What I do know is write what you love is the best way to go. Don't do it for the fame, because that doesn't always come with the territory. Do it because you love it. Write because you want to. Write because you love to create the stories. If there is no greater joy, then you are doing the right thing.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Chamein Canton

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents Chamein Canton LIVE on Saturday February 19 at 10 AM CST.

Chamein Canton is a best selling romance writer who loves to write romance for women who are normal every day women. Her writing is sexy and beautiful at the same time. She specializes in writing about full figured women with a single thought in mind, WE ALL NEED LOVE.

Below are a few novels she has written.

Waiting for Mr. Darcy

Gabby, Lauren and Alicia were boarding school buddies who also happen to be full figured young women. These women go on in their lives of spouses, children, careers, divorces, death and family but their friendship never wanes! At 46 these three women find love in all the most unusual places and circumstances - all with men who are not intimidated. Nate, Nigel and Randy are successful men, strong men, sensual men who can hold it down! Ms. Canton covers it all in 398 pages: divorce, sex, family, social status, illness, career and yes being a full figured woman.

Down That Aisle In Style

For many reasons the fashion industry has centered itself on the beauty of a minority of women — short and slender — but this is changing. Today women of all shapes and sizes are challenging the world to find them anything but beautiful, and with this confidence comes the desire to make their wedding day — that day of days — the most beautiful of all.

Chamein Canton uses her unique mix of native New York sophistication and a touch of Southern charm (a gift from her mother) combined with her considerable experience in the wedding industry to address the needs of full figured brides around the world. The result is Down that Aisle in Style! – A Wedding Guide for Full Figured Women. Her book focuses on the resources, advice and encouragement (generously mixed with photographs of beautiful full figured women) that will help women around the world plan one of the most important days of their lives — their wedding day.

I Take This Woman

Her latest novel comes out in May! It's called I Take this Woman. It's listed under interracial in amazon.

Stop by the show and hear what it's about!

Chamein Canton's Bio

A native New Yorker by way of Amityville, Long Island, Chamein Canton is a freelance writer, author, and majority owner of a small literary and public relations agency in New York. A graduate of Empire State College, she holds a degree in Business Management. She lives in Amityville, with her grown twin sons, Scott and Sean.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Feeling Introverted: One Writer's Journey

It isn't often my life to imitates my art. I generally write about other worlds, places and people who aren't really people at all. However, once in a while, I do write about an odd sort of I'm gonna kill em off sort of way.

The story I'm talking about is one I haven't published or shared anywhere called "A Less than Perfect Life." I wrote it about 6 years ago on my old computer that melted in the fire. It was about a 20 year old young girl named Jackie whose husband had been sent to prison for beating her to a pulp. I know, not a nice story, but here's why I'm bringing it up.

I had an accident a week ago. A girl ran a stop sign and I clipped her rear tire. When she stepped out of the car I thought I had seen a ghost or at the very least one I had created. I remembered describing her as a short thin stick of a girl who was beautiful but looked like life was kicking the crap out of her. That was the girl who stepped out of her car on the day of the accident.

The odd thing about it was she had some of the same things going on in her life as the character I had written all those years ago. For the most part I was stunned when I stepped out of my van. I'm not sure if it was from the accident or from seeing a character of mine standing there in front of me.

She spoke the way I had imagined and she even had the same haircut. 

This makes me wonder, do the stories we tell already exist on some sub-conscious level? Are there really characters walking around like the ones we create? Do the monsters we write really exist on some sort of strange level?

I know writing is an expression of the human spirit. The one thing I took from this was the fact that all the emotions, good, bad and ugly, all come from the same place. They all make up who we are. In looking at that, I have to go a step further and ask, does this mean the evil I create can come out at any time? After all, they are as much a part of us as the good guys.

Just something to ponder on while you create your monster. I myself am ok with creating mine. We all have a dark side. I just let mine come out in the somewhat nonexistent beings I write about.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeling Introverted: A Writer's Journey

Being a writer can be a daunting and scar filled path full of ego bashing and paper cuts. It's also a journey I feel I have been preparing for my entire life. During the darkest times in my life, words were my escape. Books became my refuge. Life seemed a little better when I would either read or write down a story. It is those who took me away that influenced me on the inner most level of my subconscious.

I have been influenced by many writers in my life. Stephen King was my first influence. I mean come on, how many teens wouldn't want to go all "Carrie" on a person who is a complete jerk to you? Stephen King painted a picture like no other. I took a trip through a Pet Cemetery. I was reaffirmed in my opinion about clowns when I read IT and I wept when prisoner John Coffey rode the lightening in The Green Mile. I guess you could say yes, Stephen King has been an influence of mine since I was a teen.

Then came Frank Herbert. Yes, I'm a Dune geek and proud of it. Who wouldn't want to travel through space by stepping in a ship then have space fold around you? His novel was also my first plot within plot experience. I couldn't get enough of all the political intrigue and the underlying spiritual content the Fremen so valiantly fought to hold onto while they struggled for basic freedoms. The deep seeded superstitions and the symbolic nature of Dune took me to other worlds while feeding my thirst for the "Oh My God" feeling I longed for in a good book.

After years of reading and searching for something different, I came across a book called Rules of Ascension: Book one Winds of the Forelands. I was enraptured by the style and sheer genius of the way David B. Coe created worlds within worlds through two very different races of people. The Qirsi gave new meaning to political intrigue and fast paced plot within plot twists and turns that captured my soul. From then on I was a fan.

Even though being a writer can be a lonely path. It is in the sheer inspiration of the writers who come before us that feed the very imagination we use to create on a daily basis. Influence, what a word. It means so much and shapes so many lives. When you breed inspiration with influence you get a person who is a creator of their own reality. I thank you for being there when I needed to escape or when I was grounded. I thank you for entertaining me and for allowing me to believe that anything is possible. Most of all, I thank you for sharing your worlds with me. I hope to one day join your ranks. I have an maybe I will. Who knows?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Writing Tip Tuesday

Write your story. Don’t try to copy what Stephen King does or Dean Koontz does, it doesn’t work. Write for yourself.  ~~Jeremiah Coe, author of The Dead of Space series and streaming video show Transitions.

All too often we as writers forget that we have our own voice. What works for some may not work for others. We read a story and think, "That was amazing!" We then pick up our pen and begin writing a story similar to the one we just read. We forget what we already know.

"I have a voice. It's unique. It's original and sets me apart from others. I have my own opinions and I see the world in a different way." This is what we as writers forget.

Have all the ideas been taken? Has every story been written? Some would say yes because there are only so many idea's out there. I have to disagree with this line of thinking. As long as we are individuals then there are stories to tell. Write your story in your voice. Breathe life into your characters when you write. Don't worry it about sounding like another writer's.

Finding and keeping our own voice requires a diligence like no other craft. We must practice everyday. We aren't allowed to slack. When we stop writing and  seeing the world through the eyes of an artist, we forget who we are and what our own voice sounds like.

That's not to say it never changes and grows the way we do everyday. It just means to be yourself. What more could anyone out there want? Ultimately it is in being ourselves we find our greatest stories.

Write your story.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Abigail Madison-Chase

Abigail Madison-Chase joins me LIVE on Saturday February 12 at 10 AM CST around the coffee pot where we are going to discuss love and laughter in writing and life.

Abigail Madison-Chase writes one of my favorite blogs called Always Abigail. Her main character is a match maker with a flare for the dramatics who is willing to go out on a limb and get into trouble when it comes to love. Her zany antics and mischievous ways are full of heart felt intentions as she searches the world for true love. Her blog is my soap opera and I love how in reality she has just as big of a heart as her characters.

Abigail does volunteer work through a place called CASA-A nonprofit network supporting and promoting court appointed volunteer advocacy for abused and neglected children so that they can thrive in safe, permanent homes.

You don't have to be a lawyer to be a part of CASA. CASA volunteers are everyday citizens judges appoint to advocate for the safety and well-being of children who have been removed from their homes due to parental abuse and neglect. They stand up for these children and change their lives.
Not only does she bring love and laughter though her blog, but she works every day to make the world a better place for children who need help. It has been my pleasure getting to know this beautiful woman with a heart of gold

About Abigail in her own words

Abigail- Madison Chase is a neurotic romance writer who spends her day enjoying the people of Centralia, Vermont her adopted home.

The residents of Centralia love Always Abigail and hate when she leaves. Here are a couple of comments from citizens:

“Always Abigail is a trouble maker! I have asked her to leave my mate alone but she insisted on giving the woman a boyfriend”. King Jacques

“Always Abigail came to my home and insinuated I was the reason I was single. Nothing stops the nosey woman from poking around in your life” Mayor Fields

“Always Abigail! If you are a friend of hers I am not talking to you.” Alistair Kent

As you can see Always Abigail is a wonderful woman the people of Centralia call their own.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feeling Introverted: One Writer's Journey

What does it mean when a person sits in front of a keyboard, dreams about other worlds and translates what is seen into words?  Are we all mad in some way or do we just have nothing better to do than live in a world of our own creation? Better yet, do we just want to escape our own reality?

Honestly, I think for me it's as simple as loving the idea that there are endless possibilities and timeless adventures waiting to be had. The books I read may not be able to hold me close or keep me warm. They can't have a conversations with me nor can they tell me everything is going to be ok when I'm crying. Yet, somehow they fill me with joy and a never ending passion to be heard on the most basic of levels.

I think for those of us who are writers, it's more about the need to entertain. We are not actors. We don't stand on a stage and perform. We let others do that. We create the worlds they act in. We are, in a way, rulers over our own dominions and we love surprising ourselves. We may not be primordial gods and goddesses, but we are creators. We may not have supernatural powers, but we are a way.

I think being a writer is an endless pursuit in the discovery of the human spirit and the thought that perhaps, just maybe we might be able to answer the one nagging question we all have in common. WHAT IF...?

Feeling introverted is just my way of saying my muse is nagging me with words and telling me to write it all down. Don't miss a single word. Share it. Experience it. Love it and yes, even hate it, but no matter what,  LIVE IT.

Now I'm not saying I actually have an angel for a daughter,  like in the story I'm telling on my short stories blog. I'm saying when you write what you feel and you place it in a "show instead of tell" format, you will feel what the character feels. After all in a weird sort of way, they are all a part of us-the good-the bad and yes even the ugly.

As writers, we live on a double edge sword full of poison. We support one another and we are in competition with one another. It's an odd sort of life, but one I wouldn't change for anything in this world or the ones that have been created.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Jeremiah Coe

Transitions, written by Jeremiah Coe

Jeremiah Coe, author of Transitions .  Ed Loomis is a man on the streets trying to find his way through life , looking for a new opportunity to redeem himself in society. Until one evening he finds himself cornered and in a dire situation for his life. Not believing it he is killed and brought back as a vampire. This is a story of "transition" from life to the undead and its trials and tribulations. Follow Ed and his fellow clan members as they confront the challenges that come within their shadowed society. We all live... we all die... only the unfortunate transition.



When a neglectful, public official father ignores his daughter's mental illness, blaming it on weak moral character, she is left in a world all her own. A world that is 365 days of Christmas. Her constant one night stands results in a pregnancy, and Sandra believes she is Mrs. Claus and her child, if it's a boy, will be the next Santa Claus, carrying on the long line of Santas before him. The child arrives, and it is indeed a son. Chris Cringle grows up believing the delusional world of his mother. Never being allowed to leave the house, he knows nothing else. Even her caretaker doesn't have the heart to tell the boy he won't be Santa someday, and does nothing to dissuade these teachings. As Chris grows up, he believes that the men his mother brings home and dresses up like Santa, are indeed Santa Claus, his father. But the beatings these men give him, to teach him the lessons Sandra wants him to learn, will alter his life forever. When Sandra kills herself, Chris takes his supposed rightful role of Santa Claus, and goes out into the world to teach people their lessons. With no concept of death, he takes the lessons too far. Are you naughty or nice? You better pray that you're nice when this Santa comes sliding down your chimney, or else, you might learn a lesson or two, and end up dead. Merry Christmas!


A mission to a new world goes horribly wrong and the crew of the Intrepid soon find themselves battling the living dead. Trapped in space, light years from Earth, the crew needs to go into hibernation to live to see their home planet once more. But with the walking dead roaming the corridors of the ship, hibernation is not an option. Soon, the dead own the ship with the crew hiding, trying to stay one step ahead of the ravenous zombies. General Overhill and his staff desperately try to stop the rampaging dead, but each victory comes with a loss, for with the death of each crewman, another warrior of the dead is born. But the Intrepid's crew doesn't have a choice. Their only chance at life is to take the fight to their undead enemy, for if they don't, one way or another, they will join them. In the vacuum of space, the dead cry out, to no avail.


A mission to a new world goes horribly wrong and the crew of the Intrepid soon find themselves battling the living dead. Trapped in space, light years from Earth, the crew needs to go into hibernation to live to see their home planet once more. But with the walking dead roaming the corridors of the ship, hibernation is not an option. Soon, the dead own the ship with the crew hiding, trying to stay one step ahead of the ravenous zombies. General Overhill and his staff desperately try to stop the rampaging dead, but each victory comes with a loss, for with the death of each crewman, another warrior of the dead is born. But the Intrepid's crew doesn't have a choice. Their only chance at life is to take the fight to their undead enemy, for if they don't, one way or another, they will join them. In the vacuum of space, the dead cry out, to no avail.


Hi there, first let me thank you for taking the time to view my page.

I have been writing since I was five years old, when my mom would write down my stories for me as I told them to her. They were horrible things that would take you from the bginning, to the middle and all of the way to the end of an interstellar war in about half a page with usually about two characters ha ha.

Fortuantly my writing has improved greatly over the years and my work is available in many places. First, my novels The Dead of Space Book One: Brave New World and Here Comes Santa are available here on Amazon and The Dead of Space Book Two: Journey's End will be available shortly. I have also created and written a vampire web series that has been picked up by an indie film maker, which can be viewed for free at I also write fanfiction, when I have the time ha ha, which can be read for free here I also have a page on Facebook called A Twisted Mind: The Fiction of Jeremiah Coe. If you are on Facebook feel free to check it out and be sure to click the like button. I also may end up hosting a horror themed internet radio talk show.

My taste in what I read and write is wide and varied. It might seem strange for a horror writer to say but my favorite books are the North and South trilogy by John Jakes. I mostly write horror but I also write some sci-fi and some action adventure.

I would love to hear what you think of my work. Please feel free to email me at

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Writing Tip

Join a critique group. Stephen Prosapio.

This was the advice given on my radio show. I have to agree. As a writer, we all need another set of eyes to make sure what we are seeing in our heads is coming out right on the page. I know for me, my small group of people who look over my writing helps me a lot.

They let me know when something isn't flowing right or when a character wouldn't say that. It also lets you see how you've improved. When you first start with a group they rip it to shreds and it makes you improve. As you learn, the bloody mess becomes less of a massacre and more of a joyful experience.

The secret to a good group is being able to take criticism and being able to give it without being rude and making it as painless as possible. Eventually  you will hear, Wow that was amazing!
You never know, you might hear that right off the bat.

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