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Monday, June 9, 2014

My Writing Process By Rico Austin

Hello, I’ve been invited to be a part of the My Writing Process Blog Tour by Author Annette Snyder, to read more about Annette and her books go to:, 2011 EPIC Finalist, “Intimate Flames.”
Here is my writing process:
I am currently busy with 2 different projects at the same time:  Mexico got Lucky;  NORRA Mexican 1000 Race, 1309 Miles of a Baja Classic Story (BCS) 2014; 
    2.    I try to live / experience everything of which I write about. I love Hemingway’s quote:
            “In order to write about life first you must live it.”
    3.    I write what comes my way and when I find a great subject I go for it.
    4.    My writing process is: I usually write in the evenings and late night while sipping a cerveza margarita. I do my best writing when alcohol is present and the night is dark.
On 6/9/2014, please take the time to visit these authors below who are participating in the My Writing Process Blog Tour using their links below.
Joann H. Buchanan is the mother of five children and the owner of Empire Voices, an audio production company that is taking the audio book world by storm. She’s the author of I Am Wolf and The Kiss two book in the Children of Nox series. After Dark, book 3 in the series is due out this year. Shine, a standalone book and Empires Lost, Keileigh book 1 is also due out this year. She lives by a single motto, Live imagine and create. When Joann isn't writing, she is raising her beautiful children and playing with her dogs, Molly and Mocha.      The Eclectic Artist Cave

Kat Hammontre lives in San Felipe, Baja Norte, Mexico and writes  a column for the town.  She also writes a demented “Dear Abby” column for the San Felipe Newsletter.   You can find Kat’s writing here at: http: href?>
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