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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Writer's Tip Thursday!!

Don’t waste your time sending a query letter to an agent unless you have a book ready to be published. Get it professionally reviewed. Have people read your book that aren’t related to you in some way. ~~Stacey O'Neale.~~

Query letters are the demons that haunt all writers. There seems to be a different answer for each person to the question, What is a query letter. In short, a query letter introduces you, the writer, and your novel in a single page.

h first paragraph should have who you are, the name of the book; approximate word count and that's it. Don't say things like, I'm looking for representation, they already know that. Also, don't put an exact word count, you can be viewed as difficult to work with. Last but not least, do the research on who you are sending it to. Make sure you spell the agent's name right. If you don't spell that right and they don't represent that genre, you are not going to get a response.

The second paragraph needs to have a short synopsis about your book. What is the hook of your book? The theme of it is what makes the hook. For example, Angel. Devil. Monster. Hero. We are all the same in our fates, we become what we really are.

The first sentence of the second paragraph must peak the interest of the reader. If it doesn't, you can be sure a rejection will happen. In this second paragraph, you want to share as much about the story without giving the whole thing away. You want them to ask for a full synopsis. If you sent the full synopsis, then you want them to want to read the whole thing.

The last paragraph should talk about any publications you have. If you don't have any, don't write anything here. Simply say thank you for your time.

If you have done the research, then you already know what needs to be included in the query you send. Do you need to send the first three chapters? Do you know what the agent is looking for? Do you know how long they want the synopsis to be? There are a number of things you have to make sure you have before you send it out.

The last thing is Stacey said, make sure your manuscript is finished, polished and ready to go. Dont' waste their time or yours by sending in something that isn't finished. If you send in the first 3 chapters with it and they say they want the whole thing a few weeks later, you're out of luck and burned that bridge.

I know this blog post is late. Let me explain. Last week I listened to my interview with Stacey O'Neale again and it set me on this path. I had to come up with an entire outline and see how I could make it work. There is are a lot of changes coming down the pipeline. The show is about to go to 5 days a week. I have put together a media kit for it all. I'm also working on a news letter. I'm so excited about all of it!!

Thank you all for being with me on this ride. I plan on getting more tips about query letters from those in the business who read them on a daily basis. Stay tuned for more. :)


Monday, March 28, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: David B. Coe

David B. Coe will be joining me LIVE on on Saturday at 10 AM CST. He is one of the few writers who has shaped my writing over the years. The plot within plot stories he tells are always full of imagination, twitsts and love. His passion for writing shows in each book he publishes. It really is a great pleasure for me to have him on my show!

David B. Coe is the award-winning author of twelve novels and the occasional short story. His first trilogy, the LonTobyn Chronicle, received the Crawford Fantasy Award as the best work by a new author in fantasy. His latest fantasy novel, The Dark-Eyes is the final volume of his Blood of the Southlands trilogy, which began with The Sorcerers and The Horsemen. The series is a follow-up to his critically acclaimed Winds of the Forelands quintet. He has also written the novelization of director Ridley ScottRobin Hood, starring Russell Crowe. David

David received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and then attended Stanford University.

David is currently working on a new historical fantasy series, Chronicles of the Thieftaker, which will be published under the pen name D.B. Jackson. ( The first book in the series, Thieftaker, will be published by Tor Books early in 2012.

David is also part of the Magical Words group blog (, a site devoted to discussions of the craft and business of writing fantasy, and is co-author of How To Write Magical Words: A Writer. His web site can be found at:

How to Write Magical Words: A Writer's Companion is written by David B. Coe, A. J. Hartley, Faith Hunter, Stuart Jaffe, Misty Massey, C. E. Murphy.

This collaboration contains years of experience from some of the top writers in the business. Together they formed a blog called Magical Words, which inspired this book. It offers detailed advice about how to sell your book along with writing tips and it provides a different way of thinking when it comes to working out issues you may be having with your writing. The learning experience offered is more like a conversation with a group of writers as opposed to a simple monologue. The one good thing about this book is the writers are not afraid to share their failures as well as their successes. The companion really is about the whole experience of writing as opposed to a boring instruction manual. You can tell the people who contributed to this really do have a passion for writing and for helping others make it to where they are.
Thieftakers is the first volume in The Chronicles of the Thieftaker
It is written under his pen name D. B. Jackson. We will be discussing the reason he decided to take on another personna when his current name is so well known and what this new series is about. For now, below is a short synopsis about a book I can't wait to get my hands on.


Murder, political intrigue, and a stolen gem are just the beginning of what Ethan Kaille encounters in the mystery he is placed in the middle of.

A mob is rioting through the smoke filled streets of Boston in the year 1765, where royal officials are being burned in effigy because of a new tax. Amidst the burning houses and chaos there is a single deserted lane. Laying on the street, a young girl, her body unmarked, is murdered.

Ethan Kaille, a thieftaker of some notoriety and skill in conjuring is hired by her father to find out who killed his beautiful daughter. Upon his encounter with Sephira, a rival thief taker, Ethan discovers the only way to find the killer is to find a stolen gem. Now with those he loves caught in the cross fire, Ethan must wage a conjuring war he feels he is unprepared for.

In a world where politics and magic collide, there is no greater force in life accept the love he has for his family and friends. Who killed the girl? Why is the gem so important? Could there be more to the story than just the death of a young girl in the middle of a rioting mob?

Thieftakers is the first volume in the Chronicles of the Thieftaker, a new historical fantasy written by D.B. Jackson, AKA David B. Coe. In this series he combines historical fiction, urban fantasy and traditional fantasy. It’s an original take on the modern day mystery with a twist of magic. It is slated to be released in spring of 2012.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

In the Midst of Chaos

As you may have noticed last week, I didn't have any posts on The Eclectic Artist Cave. There was a very real reason for that. I have been working on a lot of changes that are going to be taking place soon. At least that is my hope. I can't wait to have it all put together.

In the meantime, I will be posting the writer's and marketing tip from Stacey O'Neale this week. She is one of the most interesting and energetic people I have had the pleasure to meet. I look forward to hearing what you think about her tips. I for one think they are among the best tips I have been privileged to learn to date.

Soon, the show is going to 2 hours and will have music. There will interviews with writers, because that's what this show is about. I want to add to the line up bands and journalist as well as editors and agents. The hope is to provide a broader understanding about the business of writing as well as the art of writing. I know we all are working to make our writing stand out and today, that is difficult.

Thank you for sticking with me through the changes and I look forward to making the show one of the best shows around. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask. Also, with the music is going to come dedications. So often,songs are able to say what we can't. If you have something to say, send me the request. I will send out a message soon with the email for the requests.

Another thing coming down the pipeline is a news letter I'm putting together. If you have anything you want in this letter let me know. Please send me an email to receive my news letter.

I haven't heard anything about I AM WOLF yet. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and doing my little dance. There is nothing I love more than writing stories accept maybe talking to fellow writers who have been where I am now.

Thank you so much for everything and for being there with me from the beginning of this leg of the journey.

Huge hugs to all!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Jonathan Maxwell

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Jonathan Maxwell. He is the author of a non-fiction novel called Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS. This is going to be an in-depth discussion about history and how it is repeating itself today. Listen to the reasons the term mob mentality can actually apply to a country. Once again, this show is a LIVE broadcast and can be found on and . If you like what you hear, don’t forget to click follow and please call in. The number is 626-696-8570

What does it take to make an entire country wrap around an idea so full of hatred and how do we keep it from happening again?

Jonathan Maxwell is the author of Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS, in which he studies the perplexing question of a time in history that will forever haunt humanity…the Holocaust. In Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS, Jonathon answers some of the most perplexing questions about the Holocaust and what it takes to make an entire country fill with rage over another group of people based on religion. Just who were the Archetypes and who was ultimately responsible for the death of thousands of Jewish people? He even goes as far as to look at the genetics aspects of humanity. Ask yourself this, are we as human beings prone to violence? Can it really be as basic as genetics? If so, wouldn’t the ability to reason over power the thought process of hatred based on nothing more than the way another person looks, worships and or lives?

Though the subject matter contained in this novel occurred before I was born, I have to wonder about the similarities that are occurring even now in our modern day society. The acts of violence and genocide occur even today are nothing more than a repeat of yesterday. To take it a step further, the Bible talks about a Pharoses literally slaughtering newborns in order to kill one he was afraid of. Can it really be that with today’s technology and advances, we have not really grown as a species?

Join me live Saturday to learn about some of the similarities we face in our society and why it is so important we listen and grow as a species rather than fall back into familiar patterns. We can not repeat this history. We have already done that too many times.

Jonathan Maxwell is a Georgia-based writer and public speaker. He is the author of Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS, which received the 2011 Allbooks Review Editor's Choice Award in the Category of Best Non/fiction Book. In addition, the online publication Author Exposure called the work one of the "20 Most Memorable Debut Books of 2010. He holds a BA in English, along with a psychology minor and a paralegal certificate.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


FATE RADIO is a new station born out the love of the paranormal. They have been taking a new direction with the station and have been adding new and exciting shows. Along with their paranormal format, every morning you can wake up with Hippie Nation. It's an eclectic mix of music and entertainment. The perfect morning show to listen to while the coffee kicks in.

Hippie, aka, Kelly, is the voice behind the mic. Every morning he plays some of yesterdays and today's favorite hits. Between hits, he plays comendy bits that will make you literally laugh out loud. I love starting my day off with Hippie's show. It brings a smile to my face.

Come listen every morning at

There is a lot going on!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Stacey O'Neale

This Saturday, The Eclectic Artist Cave presents Stacey O'Neale, owner of the YA Fantasy Guide. This website features interviews with NYT best-selling authors, book reviews and recommendations, contests, and articles for aspiring writers. She and I are kismet, we love writers. We're going to talk about the importance of Social Media and how it relates to the publishing process. Live at 10 AM CST. Remember, the show will be simulcast on both blog talk radio and Fate radio.

In addition to her website, Stacey is a full-time writer. She’s had several articles and book reviews published, but spends most of her writing time on the revisions to her debut young adult fantasy novel. You can read excerpts from her novel and view her book trailer on her blog. You can also find her on Twitter.

When not writing, she loves to read within the fantasy genre. Some of her favorite authors include J. R. R. Tolkien, Tamora Pierce, Cassandra Clare, Bruce Coville, Holly Black, Melissa Marr, Scott Westerfeld, Becca Fitzpatrick, Lauren Kate, and J. K. Rowlings. She has a collection of old school comics like X-Men, Spiderman, and the Fantastic Four. She doesn’t watch many television shows, but when she does, it’s probably True Blood or Vampire Diaries.

On a personal note, she has a somewhat secret obsession with 80′s cartoons. She has a collection of DVD’s that include He-Man, She-ra, Thundercats, and Transformers. She also loves John Hughes movies. She's probably seen each one over fifty times. In addition to her writing aspirations, she plans to start a novel publicity company before the end of 2011.

All aspiring writers should check out her latest contest. Throughout the month of March, Stacey is looking the best query letter. The winner of the contest will receive a personal Query Letter Critique from Tamar Rydzinski of the Laura Dail Literary Agency. Please check the website for submission guidelines.

~~Contributed by Stacey O'neale ~~

Thank you Stacey for all you do and for coming on my show. I'm so excited about this! I hope to see all my listeners and readers there...huge hugs to all!

Rememer to click on one of the following links.

Thank you everyone.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Feeling Introverted: One Writer's Journey

There are alot of things that goes through my mind when I find out someone has requested my novel. You would think I would be exhilarated by the thought that a company is reading it. Truth is I'm nervous as hell and can't think of anything accept what if they don't like it. Or better yet, what if they do? The very idea that I may actually be in black and white is something I'm so scared of right now I feel like screaming. I want to jump up and down for joy over the prospect. While at the same time, I'm afraid to get my hopes up. Really when you think about it there is that very possibility they could say NO.

This ride I've been on has taken me on a lot of twists and turns. I think it's the same and different for all of us who are trying to do this very same thing. I try to keep a calm exterior and let the world know that I understand the real possibility they could say no. Inside it's a whole other story. I'm dying to hear the simple words "We want to sign you." I'm excited beyond belief and I want to scream at the top of my lungs. I can't though. I'm too afraid to sound cocky and too afraid to jinx it.

 More likely than not they will because I'm a first time writer. No one wants to take a chance on an unknown. I don't understand this all the way. I mean isn't everyone an unknown until someone gives them a shot? You have to find an editor who falls in love with your work. At least that's what I've been told. My single question is how d you make someone fall in love with your work? I think it's like falling in can't force it.. Love is something that just happens. It isn't forced or coaxed into a person's soul.

For now, I will continue to hope and pray. I'll keep a smile on my face. I mean after all, they didn't have to request to read it at all. They could have laughed my agent out the door. Who knows what will happen?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Writing Tip Tuesday!!

Writing Tip

Always write the punch line first and then work backwards to write the story. So if you want to write something about someone falling on their head, you’ve got to write the story of how they got there. ~~Brian Byers~~

Marketing Tip

Logic. I tell my students find something you are interested in and step away from the entire scene. Find what’s missing, find a gap and fill it. Find a group of people and create something that group of people would be willing to buy. Marketing is selling yourself or selling your product. Getting the word out there is important.  
~~Brian Byers~~

I know, how dare I add a marketing tip to Writing Tip Tuesday. The thing is, marketing and writing go hand in hand. You can write the best book or screen play in history, but if you don't get the word out about it, then it's going to sit and collect dust. Everything in the world today hinges on marketing. Think about it.

Madonna, we all know who she is. We remember her shocking antics and we are still talking about it. The new Madonna is Lady Gaga. She wore a dress made of meat to the awards ceremony. I can't remember which one, but I remember the dress. She has made a name for herself not only through her music but also well, we want to see what she's going to do next.

Marketing and writing go hand in hand because it takes creativity to come up with the stuff for the commercials that interrupt our shows everyday. They are all created by writers. They get the word out. They do what Brian says, they find a void and fill it in.

For example, people don't care which car insurance they have. However they remember the cave men from the Gieco commercial. Brilliant marketing. Let's take a phrase about something that is no longer in existence and make fun of it. " so simple even a cave man can do it." I remembered that because it was funny and quirky.

Writing a novel is much like writing a marketing campaigns. How, you ask. Simple. There is a plot. ie  the Gieco commercial. The plot in this case is the one liner, "So simple even a cave man can do it." There were characters. Does everyone remember Dave the cave man who always shook his head and cursed  Gieco for their ads? There is a protagonist. The Gieco ads themselves were the protagonists. There was a beginning, middle and end. They ran with it for months. It was funny and I remembered them. That is what it takes to make a good marketing campaign. In Brian's words, find something and fill in the void. In this case, the void was the lack of comic relief when it came to making an insurance company memorable.

Writing a novel is the same as that. Find a void, fill in the gaps. You love reading Fantasy. You have your whole life. Lately you've noticed one of the main things you find missing are stories about dragons. Well, write one. What is the plot? What are the characters? Who is the protagonist? What sets your story apart from everyone else aside from it being about dragons? This is where the marketing comes in. What is the catch phrase that describes your novel?

I AM WOLF has one. It's simple. Angel. Devil. Monster. Hero. We are all the same in our fates. We become what we really are.

That's it. That's the theme of my novel. The theme of a novel is catch phrase. What makes it stand out from all the others?

So many of you are scratching your heads right now saying, she isn't published yet, how would she know? It's simple. I just marketed my unpublished novel to all of you who read this post. That single phrase will be familiar when you see it again. That, ladies and gentlemen in a nut shell, is marketing.

The writing tip. Wow, here it is. This is the part we want. This is the part we have been waiting for. Brian said, "Start with the punch line and work backwards." I have to agree with this. In a story I wrote, I knew I wanted a bucket of water to fall on his head and I wanted it to be of his own doing. So I created a scene where he literally had to hold the bucket of water in a prank and when he was told to let it go, he did. The water fell on him and it was funny. I showed two things about my characters in this. One of them was a prankster and the other was a good sport. Through this single act, I helped define who they were as "people" and let them run with it.

What is something that defines your characters? Do they have a sense of humor? Are they brass and abrasive? Does he or she have a temper? Things like this answer those questions. If you don't have them clearly defined in your own head then no one else will either. Comedy scenes help show who our characters are. They are the epitome of writing and shape a person's personality just as much if not more than the dramatic scenes. They are things that make our characters relatable. That is the most important thing we do as writers.

If our characters aren't relatable then we haven't done our jobs. That is my single philosophy in writing. Always add something that makes the character feel like they could be your best friend or bully. Make them have faults and issues. The heroes of a good story aren't the golden boys who are loved by everyone. They are the ones with the flaws. They are the ones who make us say, I can see myself saying that. I can see myself being upset about that.

So, start backwards and write it. Find the flaws and run with it. Have them grow and change. Without that, then they are nothing more than 2 dimensional beings made of words as opposed to living breathing souls we grow to love and cheer for.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Celeste Thorson

The Eclectic Artist Cave is proud to announce Celeste Thorson is going to appear LIVE on Saturday March 12, 2011. The show is now simulcast on FATE RADIO and on Blog talk Radio. We are going to discuss the art of script writing and what it takes to make a good compelling fun script. Having written 24 TV episodes, she has a good grasp on the industry. Come and listen to the advice she has to share and find out what she's working on now.

The Celeste Thorson is a professional actress, award winning model, screenwriter and activist living in Los Angeles, CA. This beautiful multi-ethnic beauty has starred in television shows, films, and endorsement campaigns for millions of viewers around the globe.

Celeste is best known as the athletic host who faces her fears in two seasons of the travel show "Destination X Hawaii" and "Destination X California" which airs in over 65 countries worldwide. She explores exotic locations and adrenaline pumping action sports like sky diving from 14,000 feet, rappelling off cliffs, jet skiing, mountain biking, swimming with sharks, surfing, racing sports cars, and flying in fighter jets. She is an advocate of outdoor sports and is always up for an adventure.

She has written 24 episodes of television and as model she has graced many magazine covers, billboards, and commercial campaigns for clients like Reebok, Yoplait, Paul Mitchell, Body Glove and many others. Fitness, food, fashion, and political activism are her biggest passions. When not filming, screenwriting, or exploring nature she is supporting her favorite human and environmental causes like Save the Children, Amnesty International and Sierra club.
Bio provided by April Allen.

I'm looking forward to having Celeste on my show. She loves adventure and that's what life and writing is all about.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feeling Introverted: One Writer's Journey

So many wonderful and exciting things are happening in my life right now. So much so that every day I wake up and think, "Wow is this real or was it all a dream?"

The one thing I want to make sure I do while all of this is going on, is acknowledge the people in my life that are making it possible for my dreams coming true...or at the very least they are on the cusp. Not a bad place to

James Weil, author of Swiss Chocolate decided to become my editor after reading an excerpt of the first chapter of I AM WOLF. He pushed me to keep going and finish the bones of the novel then took it and made it bloody. He taught me a lot about how to make sure things flow right and about grammar. Oh and yes, I'm still learning about the grammar. It's been a long time since college and even longer since high school. he he he...and no I won't say how

While the book was being polished, he talked his own agent into signing me on spec. That basically means she read the first chapter or so and said yes. I want to thank Chamein Canton and James Weil for having such faith in me.

As most of you know, The Eclectic Artist Cave went live on the air on January 15th via blog talk radio. The shows premise was simple. I wanted to be able to give something back to those who had helped me so much.  I started the show to give writers a chance to showcase their work. Tami Snow was my first guest. She was gracious and came on as my first guest to make sure I knew what I was doing. The truth is that first day, I didn't have a clue. Most days I feel like I still don't have a clue. Each show is different and I get butterflies every time because I want to make sure I do a good job representing them and want them to have a good time. I know that sentence is a little long but it is how I feel.

In the middle of all this, I was introduced to Brian Byers (Thank you Tami),  who in his own words, is an all around renaissance man. He announced on his show Ghostology that his company, Dark Sun Productions (Brian is a partner of Dark Sun Productions)  is interested in the first time options for I AM WOLF. That means Dark Sun Productions wants to make it into a movie!! How cool is that? I'm now a part of FATE Radio L.L.C. That basically means I'm on two stations. That's a huge deal for me because it means the writers who come on will have a larger audience and will be able to REALLY get the word out about my friends novels!!

The coolest thing I've learned about Fate Radio is they are such an awesome team to work with. I have been welcomed with open arms. To give back to all those at FATE who have already been so fun to be around, each week I'm going to do a post about the different shows that are available. There are also going to be some new links added and an available listing to the shows with a who, what, when and where. If you're interested in a show, you'll know where to go. All of this is going to take some time to put together. Please bare with me while I add a little craziness to The Eclectic Artist Cave blog.

All of this is so exciting for me, but none of it could have been made possible without all those who believed in me from the start. My fiance' John Buchanan and my sister Chantell Hamann-Alarcon were my very first supporters. They never waivered in their faith in me and joined me from the very beginning of this journey. The one thing I will always take from the is never give up. EVER. Things can happen if you work hard enough and are willing to learn from those around you. They can happen if you believe. Remember everything happens for a reason, follow your heart and stay true to who you are. I feel like that is the best advice I can ever give. huge hugs to all of you and Thank you all sooo much!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave is now SIMULCAST!!

For those who don't know, I have a lot of exciting news! My show, The Eclectic Artist Cave is now being broadcast simultaneously on blog talk radio and Fate radio. I'm so excited about this! I love doing this show and I love talking to my fellow writers. There is a wealth of knowledge out there about writing. Sometimes it helps to hear from those who have already  received the ticket to the show.

The other thing is this, there has been some interest in turning I AM WOLF into a movie. I can't wait to get my book deal so I can start on all the future things that are going to happen. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and time will tell.

I have been having a blast getting to know so many wonderful people. You have all blessed me and walked with me on this journey. What a wild ride this has been so far. Other than writing, there is nothing I like more than helping my fellow writers get the word out about what they have going on. I know some of you didn't and don't need the assistance, and yet you came on my show just because. I can't thank you enough for that. Every guest has taught me something through their view of the world. As you know we see the world through the eyes of an artist.

Should anyone ever ask me if I ever thought something like this could happen, I would say no. Everything that has been happening is a blessing and all I can say is OMG HELLS YEAH and Thank you! Also I found this press release about the upcoming show.

I feel honored and want to thank C and J Public Relations for being such a huge supporter. For those who  work hard to make me look good, CHEERS and HUGE HUGS to you Chantell!

I AM WOLF short synopsis.

We all take the form we are meant to. Angel. Devil. Monster. Hero. We are the same in our fates, we become what we really are. I AM WOLF is a coming of age story centering around Jonah, city kid forced to live on a Native American Reservation with his grandparents because he is coming into his own natural abilities- he's becoming a wolf.

Natural versus unnatural, Jonah must learn to control his abilities in order to kill a werewolf he accidentally created. Together with the love of his life and his youngling pack, Jonah races head on into manhood and finds his destiny.

I hope you all continue to join me because you never know what FATE has in store for any of us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Writing Tip Tuesday!!

Write what you want to write not what others want you to write. If you try to get into this idea you want to write what’s popular now it’s not going to be popular when your book is finished.
Also, listen to your characters, because when you listen to your characters instead of everyone else, I think that’s when you write a good story. ~~Elizabeth Kolodziej~~ 

I believe writers have a sixth sense. We are the wizards who conjure characters from the salts and spices derived from the gardens of our souls. We are the modern day explorers of the human psyche, often pushing ourselves to the brink of maddness in order to bring to life the very beings we conjure.

A good writer listens to characters that don't exist accept for in our minds. It is this reason I believe we are all a little mad on some level. Each character we create has a personality of their own. They have a past that makes them who they are. They have their own perception to the given situations we put them in.

There are times when we have trouble knowing what our characters will and won't react to. That's when it's time to step back and take a look at who they are. See who they are as individuals. Getting to know your character is also called a character study. There are many ways to do this.

One way is to make a list of the character traits for each individual being you create. Is this person quick to temper? Is she a love struck follower? Is this person compassionate and caring? Is he abusive?

This list can help decide how the character will react. When we listen to our characters, we are in fact listening to ourselves. We are getting to know other sides of who we are. There are small truths taken from our own lives that we give to our creations. It is in those truths, we are able to develope a relatable individual our readers will laugh and cry with. It is then that we have done our job.

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