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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Elyssa Daye

Release Date: August 1st 2014
Genre:Paranormal Romance
(Steamy paranormal with historical timeline in a world like our own)

After her father returns home married to Lady Caterina, it only gets worse by the moment. A mysterious amulet makes her suspicious of her stepmother’s intent, so much so that she finds herself spending her days spying on her.  If Brieanna had known that following her new stepmother to her secret rendezvous would lead to a deadly werewolf bite, perhaps she would have thought twice about dealing with the deadly viper. When she unexpectedly survives, destiny continues to lead her down the winding road to a life covered in powerful secrets that are hers alone to bear. She is chosen to become the Spirit Wolf, a magical being that cleanses the poison from a werewolf’s bite and Lena’s greatest weapon against the Lair. To keep her safe, Brieanna is sent to Lagoda under the care of Lord Kensington until she can be married to his man Lord Kent.
After traveling to Lagoda, Brieanna sneaks out to a lunar festival and meets a mysterious man in a mask. Leo haunts her dreams and Brieanna falls head over heels for him. She has no idea that Leo is actually her betrothed and as well as a double agent for Madigan’s Army.
After losing his family to the Lair, Lord Kent made a vow to do whatever he could to bring an end to the Lair’s reign of terror. As a double agent for Madigan’s Army, he infiltrates the Lair by becoming Lord Kensington’s right hand man. In doing so, he must follow the missive to marry Lady Brieanna.
Both live secret lives and while they love each other, their paths diverge. They are chained to their promises that are destined to keep them apart.

 Author Bio:
Ever since childhood, Elissa Daye has enjoyed reading stories as an escape from life. When she was a teenager she started to write her own stories that kept her entertained when she ran out of books to read. When she was accepted into Illinois Summer School for the Arts in her Junior year of High School, she knew she wanted to become a writer. Elissa graduated from Illinois State University in December 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and began her teaching career, hoping to find moments to write in her free time. After seven years of teaching, Elissa decided to focus on her writing and made the decision to put her teaching years behind her so that she could create the stories she had always dreamed of. She is now happily married and a stay at home mom, who writes in every spare moment she can find, doing her best to master the art of multitasking to get everything accomplished.

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Twitter: @daenira


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