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Monday, August 9, 2010

A Single Moment

       As you know, the first part of my blog on Monday's is about a novel I've read. The one I'm going to talk about today is HOST by Stephanie Myers. I'm sure by now, everyone knows who Stephanie Myers is. She is the writer of the Twilight Saga.
       The novel Host came out before Twilight. I have read all of her novels that are out so far and to me, this one is by far one of her best. It's a love triangle with a twist. One of the characters involved in the love triangle is a parasite, named Wanderer, that has taken over the body of a female named Melanie, who has no intentions of going away peacefully. Melanie fills the Wanderer's mind with visions of the man she is in love with named Jared. As time goes on, Wanderer is filled with a human desire to see her lover and feel his touch again.

      This is such a cool take on the love triangle. It shows the power of love and all that the human spirit is willing to go through in order to make love happen again. The fact that it's told through the eyes of the alien parasite named Wanderer, makes it an even more riveting tale. You want end up wanting them all to make it, even though you know it means one of them will have to die. Stephanie Myers told a GREAT love story...smiles...

      The story I have talked about is also about Balance. The balance between good and evil and the grey in between no one ever talks about. For the most part, I think we live in the grey area. We don't always do what is right, but we aren't always wrong either. We make the bones of our everyday life and fill it in as we go along. What would we do without the balance? If we were all good, how would we know we have it good?  How would we know to cherish those moments in life that make it all worth living. How would we even know when something was wrong? Without the grey, would we all walk around like shiny happy people who are in serious need of a slap in the face?

      The following two moments were sent to me by two different people.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

The moment I realised that the man I'd run to when my life went to crap, had actually *caused* said crap. That's when I knew I could only rely on myself.
Sad, but true. And I'm ok with that. 

For those of you who don't know Lisa, then you're missing out. She is one of the funniest, smartest and most beautiful women out there. Her strength is amazing.

Jessi Wilson Larie

When my friends and family stepped in to help me out after I had refused any help and ended up in the hospital with stress related symptoms. I came home to see they had all stepped in to help me out with house work and kids and even paid my rent. Though no one has fessed up to it. I realized I was not invincible, and I... did matter to people. I love you all ( you know who you are!)

Jessi is also a very good friend of mine. She is one of those people who knows when something is wrong even when you don't say it. Her intuition is so right on every time, it blows my mind. Her heart is bigger than probably anyone you know.

      The point to both of these is simply this, we all live in the grey. We aren't all good nor all bad. These two women came to a different side to a single coin. Neither side was good or bad. In fact, I'm sure it's all grey. At the end of the day. When all is said and done, if we are able to sleep good, then the grey we live in is more light then we realize. Who we are as people and how we treat each other is what matters most. To live in the grey is actually a good thing. It's where we all are...most of the time.


Aris Art Moreno said...

There is no absolute evil. Each of us has it's own positive and negative characteristics. :-)

Jaime said...

I love Stephanie Meyer. I'm not big on the whole Twilight craze but I love the books she writes because she's a really good writer and I feel like I can connect with the characters.

Browneyegirl145 said...

Aris, exactly my point...smiles...thank you for the comment. I really felt like you got it...smiles...hugs...

I love her novels too...smiles...I didn't know what to expect when I read that it was a story about a "body snatcher". The story just drew me in and made me want to know what was going to happen. It made me laugh and cry...not an easy thing to do...smiles...hugs...

Thank you all for the comments...smiles...hugs...have a GREAT day!

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