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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Single Moment

      What an adventure this weekend was!! I was without my Internet connection all weekend and it drove me CRAZY!!! I'm so happy to be back on.

      As you know, on Mondays I'm doing a book review. The novel I would like to talk about is called Rogues By Denyse' Bridger.

Rogues is a compilation of three short stories.

The first, Angel Fire is about a pirate named Jack Stanton. He is bold and beautiful and has a somewhat tarnished reputation. I can't tell you more than that without giving too much away. This story is a sexy blend of fun and fantasy.

The second story is called Storm- Singer. This is a vampire story. A mythical island called Nyx is the setting for this compelling story about a Princess who is sent to take back what belongs to her people. She is a hero, bold beautiful and full of spunk. I love that the hero of the story is a woman. That makes it more fun for me to read.

The third story is called Phantom's Lair:  Katheryn Hollinsworth is determined to choose her own path, and follow her heart. When she meets a man known only as The Phantom, she falls in love. Will she ever be able to take her future back or will she always be left tarnished by the love she has in her heart?  Once again, Denyse' shows that women are beautiful, strong, sexy beings with an amazing capacity for love and forgiveness.

I love her writing. She has this amazing ability to whisk you away into another time and place. She isn't afraid to make her female characters the herons and gives them all great depth and longing to be their own women and live their lives the way they choose. Her descriptions take you away and make you feel like you are there. I strongly recommend picking up Rogues...three love stories that will take you into different passionate worlds.


      This weekend I lost my Internet connection through no fault of my own. I felt lost without being able to work on my blog and chatting with my friends. A good think did come out of it though. I was able to spend a lot of time writing. I didn't have my music, but still, the characters I have been creating took me away on a GREAT adventure!! I have said it before and I'll say it again, I love writing. It also gave me time to do a little reading. I checked out the latest Terry Brooks novel. I can't wait to read it and review it on here too....smiles...

      This blog has been changing my life and everything I think about when it comes to life. For today, I'm going to hold off on a "Single Moment" that was sent in and post one of my own.

      As you all know, or for those who don't. I have been looking for a job. Recently a post opened up as a TA at the local school system. It is perfect. It's just what I've been looking for. I'm so excited by the prospect for this new position. Please pray for me and hope I get the position. It has good benefits, and since it is in the school system, I don't have to worry about daycare for the kids when it's vacation time. It is the possibility of something better. That is why I have been doing everything. Just for the possibility. I will keep you posted on the out come. Thank you sooo much for joining me on this adventure....smiles...


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