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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Morning

There are times when I wonder what is going to happen next and times when I want to just freeze a moment.

I'm sure everyone has those. A moment of pure joy that can't be duplicated. This weekend I had one watching the kids play.

It started when my son Josh said as a joke that everyone should just go to his room. So John and I looked at eachother and we all piled into his room and sat there and talked. It was a perfect moment. Trystan sat in between the guys and Carolyne sat on the floor. We just joked around and talked a little. We wern't unterrupted by tv or anything else. It was a perfect moment. One that I will always treasure.

This morning, Trystan did the cutest thing, my one year old who normally wakes me up by smacking me in the head, gave me a kiss on the cheek instead. He had this big smile on his face when I opened my eyes. It's the small things that count, especially during a time when all the big things seem so overwhelming.

Money is always tight. I'm tired of that. I have looked for a job. So far nothing is available. I hope something opens up soon. It would be nice to have a little breathing room again. It doesn't have to be much, but it would be nice...smiles...

So that was my weekend. It was busy and full of special moments I wanted to be able to freeze and enjoy a little longer....isn't that always the best?


Always Abigail said...

Special Moments with the kids are priceless. I am sending good vibrations your way for a job....
Thanks so much for sharing made me smile.

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

What you kid did brought smile to my face too.. It was indeed the sweetest and most precious moment in one's life.. :) Keep it going, dear.. You are on your way to the right job.. It will come soon.. :)

Browneyegirl145 said...

I'm glad that I made you both smile...That is the best...smiles...he he he

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