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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A New Language

As most of you know, I'm working at a radio station now called KRSL. I LOVE IT!!! Today though left me wondering, am I too old to learn as quick as I used to?

I started learning how to do logs for the station. Though I have worked at a radio station before, this is the first time I have ever heard of a log, let alone seen how one is put together. Working on them is like entering a foreign land where everything has a purpose. In many ways, it's like a programming language. The funny thing about that is; it is literally used for programming the way everything plays on the radio.

The last radio station I worked at, the only thing I worried about was production. I really love doing production, however; I must admit that learning the business end of radio has been some what of a challenge. Words like logs, ROS, PSA, and even certain symbols mean something. There are some things that are placed in times because that's a request and there are some things that are placed because they are a must. Learning the difference between all of these made me feel a little more than lost and a lot less confident about what I was doing. I worked on the AM log. It took all day long, when it should've have taken me a couple hours.

Then something happened. I started to understand what things meant. It only took all all day learning something is odd for me. I usually catch onto things really fast.

What is the point to this whole blog? Well, it's simple. Even in my most humbling moment, Brenda and Larry, the owners of the station, couldn't have been nicer. Brenda answered every question I had and even explained the why of certain things which allowed me to put it all in perspective. In the end, I learned I was over analyzing most of what I was looking at and even learned what the meaning to a lot of the different symbols and letters meant. The truth is this, it doesn't matter how old you are, there is always something to learn. All it takes is a little perseverance and a lot of questions. It doesn't hurt to be surrounded by good people who want you to learn.

I don't know if they will ever read my blog as they have busier lives than I do. I just want to say thank you to them for allowing me the opportunity to expand my horizon. Often in life, we aren't given second chances to do that. This is mine. For all of you who read this, please know this is some of the best advice I can give. Never quit. It doesn't matter how long it takes to get it, just keep going until you do. then you will also have that little spark of understanding occur. Oh my, what a wonderful thing that is.


Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Great Advice.....I knowing your are going to be running that station soon!

Joann H. Buchanan said...

Thank you Abigail, but I hope that I get published and that goes well, because I love doing it and I also get it a little way, I love working at the station. I just hope I catch all this it's so new to me...he he he

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you've got a job you love! You're absolutely correct, as well, you're never too old to learn. A few years ago, a customer at the store I managed came in and handed me a stack of books and a Christmas card. The card read "always keep learning and you will know what it is to be free." One of the best gifts ever.

Nina Jones said...

Best wishes for your new job.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh, if I only had a dollar for every take I tried to make harder than it needed to be because I over-analyzed it...

Good luck with the new job!

Jeanne Sampson said...

I'm sure you'll do well at the radio station, Joann. As a writer, you research and learn every day.

The job is a new area....but the same principles apply :-)

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