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Friday, January 7, 2011

On the Threshold of a Dream

I was asked the other day what it was like to be so close to my dream of getting published. I smiled and said, "It's so exciting. I can't believe it might actually happen."

The truth is it can be more nerve racking than anything else in the world because when you're a writer you give a piece of your soul to each and every line you put down. All the characters you create, they are a part of you in so many different ways and on more levels than most of us care to admit. 

I'm a writer. I create ideas, characters(which could be construed as people), worlds and even obstacles. Being a writer is like being the goddess of your own world. We are neurotic and imaginative beings who share the very essence of our souls. We do it because we love it. There is nothing like it in the world to us...or the universe for that matter, and yet, we are filled with more fear of judgement than anyone else on the planet. What an odd life it is to live.

So I'm sitting here in my living room,with my son sleeping in the chair next to me and my laptop on, wondering what in the world I have gotten myself into. I don't like rejection any more than the next person and I'm really not a glutton for punishment. So why did I choose to try this as a career? The truth for me is so much simpler than one might think. My answer is, in the shortest way to put it: JUST BECAUSE.

My philosophy professor would be proud right now.


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