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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shadows Between the Pages.

"There are places between the shadows, worlds within the printed page. There are things that live beyond the grasp of conscious thought, things both wretched and beautiful, horrible and fantastic." - C. D. Bennett

No matter how many times I read this, I will never forget the first time. I felt like a sharp cold pen had been used on my very soul and it sent me crashing deep into a world. I love it when a couple of lines written on a page send me to the edge and back. It makes me chase the written word and I become intoxicated by the very thought of the world that is created.

The love of the written word is like a drug. A single thought can turn into miles across the ocean or a night in bed with someone you love. They are the very essence of my soul; I breathe them in everyday just to live.

When I read this by my friend, the first thing that crept across the squeaky wooden floors of my mind was, 'You must be talking to me.'  

My heroes aren't the people who are rich and famous. They are the ones who aren't afraid to tattoo my soul with the words they write. The shadows between the pages are the undiscovered worlds and minds of the person who writes them.

Writing is a glimpse into the deepest essence of the writer. For that I thank you, the soon to be discovered writer or the one who is already sitting on my nightstand. Thank you for giving me my fix. I can already feel the beating of my heart and see the new world I want to create.


Anonymous said...

Very, very true....

Marty x

Tracy said...

So very true! The impact the written word has on us is amazing.


Joann Buchanan said...

Thank you so much for you can see, writing is my passion. Huge hugs to all!!

C. D. Bennett said...

Wow, very honored to be quoted :)
I'm proud to have such supportive and talented people to call my friends.


Joann Buchanan said...

C.D. Bennett, you are so very welcome. I loved what you wrote. I can't wait to see your novel!!

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