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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Elizabeth Kolodziej

The Eclectic Artist Cave Welcomes LIVE on Saturday February 26 at 10 AM CST, Elizabeth Kolodziej author of Vampyre Kisses. She will also be doing a book signing from 2-6 pm in Ithaca, NY. Join us live to hear all about the exciting things going on with Vampyre Kisses.


Vampyre Kisses is an enthralling story about a young woman named Faith, who seems content with her life, but deep down craves more excitement. Then a mysterious man named Trent enters her world and everything changes. Surprising to Faith, Trent is a green-eyed vampire from Ireland. She is even more amazed to find out that she is a witch, and the last of her kind. Faith learns that she is destined to restore her witch line and becomes more powerful as she gains confidence and knowledge, but danger lurks everywhere -- especially when unknown assailants steal the most important gems from the vampire master and werewolf royalty. Now surrounded by a world filled with mystifying vampires and werewolves, can Faith gain enough power to help her friends and rescue the stolen gems?


Elizabeth J Kolodziej, a young fiction writer originally from Torrance California, is a smart and original thinker who has researched the origins of vampires, werewolves, and witches for many years. She writes her books from the knowledge she has gained while trying to be as original and inspiring as possible. Her books encompass both true folklore facts along with innovative ideas motivated by the great writers around her. This book is her first but not her last in a new series entitled Vampyre Kisses.


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