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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feeling Introverted: One Writer's Journey

What does it mean when a person sits in front of a keyboard, dreams about other worlds and translates what is seen into words?  Are we all mad in some way or do we just have nothing better to do than live in a world of our own creation? Better yet, do we just want to escape our own reality?

Honestly, I think for me it's as simple as loving the idea that there are endless possibilities and timeless adventures waiting to be had. The books I read may not be able to hold me close or keep me warm. They can't have a conversations with me nor can they tell me everything is going to be ok when I'm crying. Yet, somehow they fill me with joy and a never ending passion to be heard on the most basic of levels.

I think for those of us who are writers, it's more about the need to entertain. We are not actors. We don't stand on a stage and perform. We let others do that. We create the worlds they act in. We are, in a way, rulers over our own dominions and we love surprising ourselves. We may not be primordial gods and goddesses, but we are creators. We may not have supernatural powers, but we are a way.

I think being a writer is an endless pursuit in the discovery of the human spirit and the thought that perhaps, just maybe we might be able to answer the one nagging question we all have in common. WHAT IF...?

Feeling introverted is just my way of saying my muse is nagging me with words and telling me to write it all down. Don't miss a single word. Share it. Experience it. Love it and yes, even hate it, but no matter what,  LIVE IT.

Now I'm not saying I actually have an angel for a daughter,  like in the story I'm telling on my short stories blog. I'm saying when you write what you feel and you place it in a "show instead of tell" format, you will feel what the character feels. After all in a weird sort of way, they are all a part of us-the good-the bad and yes even the ugly.

As writers, we live on a double edge sword full of poison. We support one another and we are in competition with one another. It's an odd sort of life, but one I wouldn't change for anything in this world or the ones that have been created.


Tami Snow said...

Joann, I love when you write something that feels like you are talking directly to me. ;) LOVE & KISSES, T

**stacebird** said...

As an introvert myself, I find that writing is my best way of showing the 'real' me to others. I'm aspiring to become a freelance writer, this because I love to write and I want to be able to live a quietly happy, introverted life.

That's not to say I just sit around alone all the time, though..

Joann Hamann-Buchanan said...

Tami...thank you soo much!

Staciebird, I know what you mean. I love writing and I want to make a living doing it, but I also want to be able to walk down the

C. D. Bennett said...

Great, great post :) and I agree with Tami, it's like you're speaking right to us. Love it!

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