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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Writing Tip Tuesday

Write your story. Don’t try to copy what Stephen King does or Dean Koontz does, it doesn’t work. Write for yourself.  ~~Jeremiah Coe, author of The Dead of Space series and streaming video show Transitions.

All too often we as writers forget that we have our own voice. What works for some may not work for others. We read a story and think, "That was amazing!" We then pick up our pen and begin writing a story similar to the one we just read. We forget what we already know.

"I have a voice. It's unique. It's original and sets me apart from others. I have my own opinions and I see the world in a different way." This is what we as writers forget.

Have all the ideas been taken? Has every story been written? Some would say yes because there are only so many idea's out there. I have to disagree with this line of thinking. As long as we are individuals then there are stories to tell. Write your story in your voice. Breathe life into your characters when you write. Don't worry it about sounding like another writer's.

Finding and keeping our own voice requires a diligence like no other craft. We must practice everyday. We aren't allowed to slack. When we stop writing and  seeing the world through the eyes of an artist, we forget who we are and what our own voice sounds like.

That's not to say it never changes and grows the way we do everyday. It just means to be yourself. What more could anyone out there want? Ultimately it is in being ourselves we find our greatest stories.

Write your story.


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