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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Writing Tip

Join a critique group. Stephen Prosapio.

This was the advice given on my radio show. I have to agree. As a writer, we all need another set of eyes to make sure what we are seeing in our heads is coming out right on the page. I know for me, my small group of people who look over my writing helps me a lot.

They let me know when something isn't flowing right or when a character wouldn't say that. It also lets you see how you've improved. When you first start with a group they rip it to shreds and it makes you improve. As you learn, the bloody mess becomes less of a massacre and more of a joyful experience.

The secret to a good group is being able to take criticism and being able to give it without being rude and making it as painless as possible. Eventually  you will hear, Wow that was amazing!
You never know, you might hear that right off the bat.


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