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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Eclectic Artist Cave Presents: Ken Carroll author of Family Portraits

Ken Carroll will be LIVE on on Saturday morning at 10 AM CST. I'm so excited about his novel, Family Portraits. Join me live in the chat room. Ken Carroll is a Christian writer with a real gift for the written word. His novel will make you laugh and cry while giving a true message about love and family.


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'The room was silent as all the adults stared him into the floor. With carefully enunciated words that whipped across the room, his father spoke, the almost-a-whisper voice louder than any shout could have been. 'You're killing me, Aaron. You're killing me. I do my best for you. Mom does her best for you. And right now, I'm ashamed to say you're my son. You might as well put a bullet in my head, 'cause that's what you're doing.' The room was as silent as a morgue as John stormed out, leaving the door open. ... Hours later, Aaron stood there, staring at the computer screen. He stood there, staring at the floor. He stood there, staring at the gun. And it was all so clear. It was clear but white at the same time, as if in a sharp, brilliantly white haze. His father was dead.' John Farmer had been struggling lately, but no one suspected how many problems riddled this seemingly perfect Christian man and his family. His sudden death causes everyone he has known to question their role in this tragedy, none more so than his family, who know the secrets of his heart. Or do they? As the family begins breaking apart and blame is assigned, John's wife uncovers a secret computer journal he kept in a laptop, titled Family Portraits. The family soon receives an intimate glimpse into the depths of a soul hidden from everyone. What will the Family Portraits reveal? Discover for yourself in this captivating, thought-provoking page-turner. The truth will astound you.

Ken Carroll - - - The man, the mission, the writer

If I could do nothing but read and write, I would be happy. For as long as I can remember, I have written. Short stories. Poems. Articles for which there are no words. And for the longest time, I never showed these to anyone. At Maddox Jr. High in Laurel Mississippi there was an English teacher named Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith gave us a book on which to complete a book report, called "A Tale Of Two Cities." The report had to be done on each chapter, a chapter a week. I completed my report each week in the form of a poem. It was published in the school paper. Mrs. Smith encouraged me, and I began to write more.

My first published work, "Family Portraits," is a fictional account of a Christian Family in crisis. Some of the scenes are based on actual events. Some of the book is deeply personal, and comes from the heart. I hope you read and like the book.

I am a Christ Follower. A child of God. I truely believe there is something beyond ourselves that created our world, our universe. Either I am completely delusional, or there are times that I can commune with this being. The best and only forum I have found for this communion is through the judeo-christian belief system. Reducing this communion to a religion is belittling the experience. It is much more. It is a relationship. For me, a world without this relationship holds no meaning. The fact that we are sentient beings stimulates my belief system, the belief there is something more.

My books will always carry some description of seeking to commune with a greater being. They will always be intensely personal and come from the heart. I write from my heart, and anything I write carries a little piece of my soul. When my soul connects with another through my writing, I am absolutely thrilled. This thrill is one of the most stimulating feelings I have ever experienced. And so, if you read my book(s), I hope you will tell me what you think.

There is one last thing I want people to know. I am not a role model. I have been and done things in my life which I deeply regret, things for which there are no excuse, and of which I am ashamed. I hope that no one will look to me for edification. Meaningful edification can only come through communion with that Spirit outside ourselves, with Jesus Christ. Anything else is a pathetic substitute. And my prayer is that anyone who reads my book will receive their edification from Christ. That He is their role model.

Thanks for reading this.  I love to hear from my readers. God Bless.

Ken Carroll

 ~~From Ken Carroll's website~~
Thank you for reading and I hope you all join me LIVE on SATURDAY at 10 AM CST.


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