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Friday, June 17, 2011

Master's of Horror

A few weeks ago I started doing a small activity on The Eclectic Artist Cave called Flash Fiction Wednesday. I started with a simple premise. The Little Black Box. The idea was simple, write a piece of flash fiction, approximately 500 words, and send it to me in an email or a FB message. The flash fiction had to contain the words The Little Black Box.  I read them on the air.

The number of responses I received for it were overwhelming to say the least. The number of people that took the time to send in their stories was mind boggling. I carried it over the following week because there was just too much talent sent in and I had to share as many as I could.

The cool thing about all of this is that people are wanting to do it again. The topic this time is Dark Horse. The same rules apply. I already have started to received some very cool stories. The next one is going to be recorded and placed here. Also I'm working on getting permission from the writers to see if I can post them here. Their talent is amazing and the stories are cool.

I bet your wondering why I named this post Master's of Horror. It's because the small activity sparked an interest in the Masters of Horror series publishers. They have decided to host their own contest. The new anthology in the Master's of Horror series.

Here are the rules:
Submissions for FLASH FICTION now open for the upcoming GRAVE GRIMOIRE anthology. Must be 500 words or less, must feature the undead. Not just zombies and vampires (be creative). NO REPRINTS PLEASE. Winning submissions in the flash category are unpaid and not subject to royalties. Do you have what it takes to be considered a MASTER OF HORROR?

I must say I'm blown away by this. I love the thought of taking a small piece of flash fiction and including it in this series. The book is an internationally published book so the credit alone is worth it's weight in gold. I sent in my submission for the anthology. It's a short story, and that's all I'm going to tell you...he he he. I'm hoping I get in because that was one of the best pieces I have ever written. 

To all those who want to enter, just click on the Grave Grimoire title and submit. Good luck and have fun!!


Blaze McRob said...

I hope your submission is accepted. The most important thing is that you are having fun with this.


Joann Hamann-Buchanan said...

Thank you soooo much Blaze :)

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