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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just a Bit of Info


Joann H, Buchanan, host of The Eclectic Artist Cave and author of Soulless Light has teamed up with Mikel Classen, owner of Netbound Publishing to bring you some awesome treats. The rules are simple. Send the strangest, funniest, oddest news stories you can find to The entries must be sent no later than October 24th. The winner will be announced on October 26th by Mikel Classen from Netbound Publishing.

The PRIZE: A basket of horror stories from some of the best writers out there today. Jeremiah Coe, Uncivil Dead, Werewolves an Anthology and more.

The second contest going on is for The Eclectic Artist Cave. The rules are simple, invite as many of your friends into the chat room through the month of October and have them put your name in the chat as their own. At the end of the month the winner will receive an autographed copy of Soulless Light and an amazon gift card.

The first week of October starts with a bang. Monday Madness.
Tuesday, Jack Remick, author of Blood , and Bob and Jack's writing blog. It is without a doubt one of the most informative blogs on the web when it comes to writing.

Wednesday, Writer Wednesday where writers have sent in flash fiction based on the theme. This week's theme is "What's inside the round box?" I'm looking forward to reading the entries.

Thursday, Amy Ackley joins me for a conversation about her work and the writing world.
Amy Ackley, a Michigan native, inherited her passion for reading and writing from her father, awriter, creative writing teacher, and literature addict.

Breakthrough Novel Award contest sponsored by, Penguin (USA), and CreateSpace.Six months later Sign Language, drawn from the loss of Ackley's father to kidney cancer when she was a young teenager, won the first ABNA contest for Young Adult Fiction. Sign Language will be published by Viking Juvenile in August 2011.
Amy Ackley lives in Brighton, Michigan with her husband an an assortment of high maintenance animals, including three daughters. She is hard at work on her next novel.

Ackley spent her childhood writing and illustrating stories, but went on to earn a B.S. in Human Resource Development from Oakland University and an M.S.A. in Human Resource Administration from Central Michigan University. She wore a variety of career hats (court clerk, flight attendant, labor relations specialist and substitute teacher, to name a few), spending late nights with her childhood love, writing fiction.

This month I wanted to start off The Eclectic Artist Cave with a BANG!! Freaky Friday!!! There is a surprise waiting for all that day. Just imagine going back to old times when radio was a mixture of stories and music. Join me for the first Freaky Friday!! Let's get Halloween started off with a BANG!!

There is so much more going on with the show. For more information please visit my site,


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