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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Special Place in my Heart

There are people we meet in life that have so much to offer us as both friends and teachers. For me, that person has been Jack Remick. I met Jack because of my show, The Eclectic Artist Cave. He wrote a book called Blood and came on my show to talk about it. What ended up happening changed the way I looked at writing and how I write forever. See he shared a technique with all of us who were listening, called 5 minute writing technique from a book he read. From there I was hooked on every word he had to say about writing and all the different ways to approach it. So I asked him to come on the show every other Tuesday to share more of his experience and knowledge. When he said yes, I literally jumped up and down! :D
In Jack's own words, "We guide these writers toward discovery."

I used all the techniques he taught me during the show and on the blog to write Soulless Light. I'm also using several to write a series of books called Night Walkers.

I have been completely inspired to keep going in my own personal writing career because of his never-ending belief in all aspiring writers. You see, Jack is part of a writing blog called Bob and Jack's Writing Blog. It is an amalgam of amazing experience from two people who love the art of creative writing.

I'm so excited to announce he has a new book coming out in December!


A picaresque novel that pays homage to the legendary San Francisco beat poets. Some of Remick’s influences include Kerouac’s On the Road and The Dharma Bums and Burroughs’ Naked Lunch.
Remick’s novel, Blood (Camel Press, 2011), earned extravagant praise by the critics.
Wayne Gunn wrote on “For an author to choose as his explicit models
Camus, Genet, and de Sade ... and to earn the right to be mentioned in their company is [a
goal] that perhaps Jack Remick has indeed achieved.”
A critic for the San Francisco Book Review wrote that Blood is “one of the best books I’ve ever read.”
Author Priscilla Long calls Remick “The Jean Genet of the 21st Century.”
To be a writer in America, you have to bleed. Eddie Iturbi, a young car-thief obsessed with the dark magic of Beat culture in a mythic San Francisco, sets off on a spaced-out crusade to connect with the Beat gods. En route Eddie links up with living legend Leo Franchetti, the last of the Beat poets. 

Leo sends Eddie to the Buzzard Cult where a mysterious mentor Press Release—The Deification, by Jack Remick
reveals the writer’s ritual of blood and words. Changed and invigorated and back in the City,
Eddie falls in love with a snake dancer at the Feathered Serpent. She can’t save him from
Scarred Wanda, jealous bad-girl of literature, whose goal is to destroy Eddie before Jack
Kerouac relays all the magical secrets of the literary universe. Immortality is just a book
away. Will Eddie live long enough to write it?
Says Remick, “I grew up in California’s Central Valley. The Valley was huge but stifling. If
you climbed the water tower one foggy night and the cops hauled you down, it made the
local newspaper. Your one goal was a customized car with a flame job and flipper hubcaps.
You wore Levis or Chinos and you cut your hair short. And then along came Jack Kerouac
and On The Road. Right behind him came William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Allen
Ginsberg .... On The Road and the Beatniks set me free. Get out of the Valley, they said.
Go find your America. And some of us did. .... This novel, The Deification, pays homage to those
wild men whose vision of the world opened up the social revolution of the 1960s. They
changed me. They changed you. They changed everything.”

Jack Remick is a poet, short story writer, and novelist. The Deification is the first book of a
series, The California Quartet. More volumes will be released by Coffeetown Press in 2012:
Valley Boy, The Book of Changes, and Trio of Lost Souls. Blood, A Novel was published by Camel
Press in 2011. Also coming from Coffeetown in 2012: Gabriela and the Widow. You can find
Jack online at
The Deification is currently available for pre-order on After December 10, it will
also be for sale on,,, and Amazon Japan. The Kindle
edition retails for $5.95.

I'm proud to say that Jack is not just my teacher but also my friend. He is always willing to answer questions and is there for anyone who loves the art of writing. He will forever hold a special place in my heart as my writing guru and a true friend. For those who are interested in writing, please check out the blog that is dedicated to the art and improvement of writing. It is without a doubt one of the most valuable tools you will ever acquire in your own arsenal.

If you feel as inspired as I have along the way, have a conversation with him. Believe me when I say you will not regret it. :)  Jack thank you for all you do for those of us on the path of being a writer, you are an inspiration to all!


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