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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankfulness and Miracles

A little boy stands in line at the mall, waiting to tell Santa his hopes and secret wishes. He crosses his fingers, hoping beyond all hope that Santa doesn't know about the time he pulled the little girl's pigtails in front of him in class; or the time he ran through the house throwing the ball in the air, breaking one of his mom's favorite little statues. He has the magic of love and laughter we all crave from when we were children. He carries with him the fact that anything is possible and that life is carefree. 

What a picture he paints, that of hope and magic. Oh to travel back to that time and share in the absolute joy of it all without worrying how to pay for it all. 

The miracle of it all is this, magic, hope, joy and giving are all alive if we take the time to share it with those who can't see it. It is the way the angels sing in the heavens through the choirs or even the twinkle we see in the eyes of those we love. It is without a doubt there if we are willing to look. 

About three years ago when I started this blog, I did a miracle and thankfulness month. Man what a month that was. It touched me in such a way that not once did I actually consider giving up on anything else I tried. It was a month that changed my life and allowed me to grow as a person. For this reason and because I really honestly feel I have so much to be thankful for, I would like to open this blog up again to celebrate the miracle of life and all we have to be thankful for. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Miracles come in every life and every voice that exists. Thankfulness comes in sharing our lives with those we love and meeting new friends. From now until January 1st, I want to share miracles. My hope is that your miracles will inspire others to keep going in rough times. They will inspire us to see the light that is all around us. Most important, they will show us all how connected we really are. 

Miracles are all around us. They are in the life that exists. They are in the joy of our children. The laughter of our friends and the whisper of the angels that visit us from time to time without us knowing it. 

If you would like to share a miracle, a list of things you're thankful for or even just a story of life, please send it to 

If you ask me, my miracle is my daughter Carolyne. A year ago she was misdiagnosed as having a tumor in her pituitary gland. After all the tests she went through and all the blood draws, we finally were able to get into see the surgeon. When he walked in he told us she did not have a tumor. I have prayed every day since the time I was told about the tumor until now that it would please go away or be easy to take care of. To me, this is a miracle. It could have gone the other way. It is without a doubt something I'm thankful for. I was angry at first when I thought about all the people that missed the signs that it was wrong. Then a friend told me to take a look at it the other way. Was he ever right. I consider this a miracle. I mean really, what if the original doctor would have been right?


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