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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

World Castle Publishing Author Karen Fuller HITS Number 1 on Amazon

 World Castle Publishing has given authors, such as  Karen Fuller a chance to be a traditionally published writer. Karen Fuller is ranking number 1 on Kindle's bestseller list  in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Children's Fiction > Historical Fiction > United States > 1800s

I sat down with Karen for a small interview and here is what she said.

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing for about 4 years. Desire Everlasting was my original story. 

Who or what inspires you to write?
I have a muse that whispers in my ear and won’t shut up until I put it to paper. LOL

What draws you to write in the Romance genre?
That’s easy. Romance is my favorite genre and it is what interests me the most. The old saying is to write what you know. I’ve been reading romance since I was 12.

Who is your favorite character in Desire Everlasting and why?
Gabriel, hands down. My story has been rewritten several times before I considered it right. LOL The original story was in Gabriel’s point of view and I fell in love with the character as I wrote about him. He’s not perfect. He’s stubborn and judgmental, but I somehow relate to him.

Have you ever based a character on a real person?
Yes, sort of. The character Nathan in the story I sort of molded after my husband. LOL He’s lighthearted and quick to joke.

Do you write in more than one genre?
Yes. I write in Historical YA, Paranormal YA and Adult Paranormal Romance.

What other books do you have out there and what are they about?
The other YA I have out are the paranormal Wickford High Series: The Revelation and Furiously Tempted. They are two novellas about a Vicky Phillips and her experiences as she is whisked away in the middle of the night by her father to move to Wickford after her mother is killed. Wickford is her mother’s hometown and is filled with lies and secrets. People aren’t who they appear to be and no one is entirely human.
I also have an Adult Paranormal Romance out Courting the Darkness. That one is an action packed paranormal revolving around a witch, Desiree Dupuis. She had cast a backfired spell 100 years back that stopped the ageing process. Now suddenly everyone was after her. I wrote that one as a suspenseful fun read.
I have a few other Adult novels in the works: Dangerous which is the sequel to Courting the Darkness. Another series in the works: The Dark Wolf Series with the first book being Hunted, and an erotic romance being written under a pen name. LOL

What is the single most important tip you have for writers?
If you have a dream, don’t ever give up.

If you had to define your writing style, what would you say?
I’d say light hearted and upbeat. I like to impose a little humor in my writing.

Some silly questions about yourself.
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite food?
Do you like surprises?
It depends on the surprise. LOL
Where people can find you
Twitter @KFullerAuthor

Desire Everlasting by Karen Fuller

In The Wake Of A Tragedy, A True Love Is Born...

Life isn’t easy in the South in 1860. Bree Montgomery’s life is set in turmoil by the tragic deaths of her parents. Forced to leave her friends and home in the big city of Charleston, she moves to the small rural town of Willstown, Alabama, to live with her aunt. She now lives so far out in the country that there’s not a neighbor in sight. She is convinced that her life is ruined. That is, until she meets the gorgeous, Gabriel March, a young man with a stubborn will and a fiery temper to match her own.

A battle of wills is fought as the two stubborn personalities collide. In the aftermath, they are left with a love so strong that the only thing that can separate them is...a Civil War.

Bree's life is thrown into turmoil again. Will her will be strong enough to survive it? Or will she be thrown into a Desire Everlasting?

About the Author

 As an Author, I love romance. Paranormal Romance happens to be a favorite of mine. I’ve always been an avid reader and a few years ago I discovered my passion for writing as well. I live in the Panhandle of Florida, the Sunshine State. I’ve been happily married to a wonderful man for the last twenty-five years. I have two grown children and 1 grandchild. When I am not writing and running my own publishing company I can be found camping with my husband or attending a NASCAR race. Please visit my websites. I am always adding something new. or

Thank you Karen for inspiring others to write and for being there so many times for so many. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.


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