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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Interview with Mary Ting

      1 Can you tell us about Crossroads and Between? 

1.       Claudia goes to a place called Crossroads in her dream, a place between Heaven and Earth. There she meets a group of angels called the alkins. She is assigned a guardian angel named Michael. They fall in love, but it is forbidden. Later, they found out she is special and demons and fallens are after her.  In the sequel, Between, the Twelve and other angels called venators play bigger roles. You also find out who Austin is. Alkins and venators must work together to keep Claudia safe. Claudia discovers her powers and finds out sometimes love is just not enough.

       2: What inspired you to write the Crossroads saga? 
       I started writing when my grandmother passed away. It was a way for me to heal the loss of her. I also decided to write from a dream I had in high school.  It was just for fun and I didn’t think I had much to say. Boy was I wrong…lol!!!

       3. If you could visit any part of your books in real life, what place would it be and why? 
In my dream, I went to a place like Crossroads, but I left knowing I would die if I didn’t. I would love to visit Crossroads. I imagine it to be a peaceful place. Who wouldn’t want to meet and visit the alkins?  Hehe!

       4 What is your favorite part of writing?
 My favorite part of writing is when the readers tell me they felt the emotions I was trying to convey. That tells me that I did it right. I want the readers to go through the emotions that I went through, to feel the pain, sorrow, anger, hurt and above all…happiness .

       5 Can you tell us about anything new you're working on?
 I’m working on book 3.

       6 Who are some of your inspirations? 
 Authors of course,  Stephenie Meyer based Twilight from her dream, I did the same for mine. Also, my fans are my inspirations. They get me pumped up to work on book 3. They are my angels .  


       7 What is your FAVE food ?
 I’m a pig! I LOVE all kinds of food! Recently I found out that I need to have Ramen at least once a week, a Japanese noodle soup dish. So Ramen it is for now.

       8 If a movie was made, who would you see playing some of your main characters?
 I was asked this question before. I would love to see new faces; however, for now….  

I see Claudia as very sweet, innocent looking yet attractive-Nina Dobrev
Michael- Ben Barnes
Davin-Channing Tatum
Vivian-Megan Fox
Austin- Ian Somerhalder
Caleb- Alex Pettyfer
Patty-Amanda Seyfried
Philip-Orlando Bloom
Agnes- Kate Beckinsale
Margaret-Angelina Jolie
Gamma-Susan Sarandon
Aden-Huge Jackman

       9 What is your fave color? 
Red, pink, purple, black…depending on what mood I’m in.

      10 What is your fave time of day?
 Late at night. I’m a night owl.

       Last question, If you could share anything with new writers, what would it be?  
Thank you Joann for this wonderful opportunity and thank you to everyone for taking their time to read my interview.
I took on a journey not knowing how rewarding it would be for me. I’ve meet so many wonderful people around the world through facebook, goodreads and blog sites. I’ve made everlasting friendships where friendships know no boundaries. And I have to thank my grandmother who continues to watch over me from Heaven.  Hugs!!!

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