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Monday, November 11, 2013

Danielle Lee Zwissler


Author Bio: Danielle Lee Zwissler was born in Dover, Ohio. A small town in North East Ohio. Her love of romance and cowboys took over in this novella. She is a big fan of William Shatner, Harry Potter, and all things Harlequin. Her first novel, “Her Last Chance”, debuted in 2010 with Firefly & Wisp Books. And then shortly after the sequel, “The Art of Seduction” came out.  And then “Trio of Sin” with Books To Go Now! Came out in September of 2011.

Thank you Danielle for joining me on The Eclectic Artist Cave today.

What is the Title of your latest book? What is it about? Yuletide Bride

What made you decide to write? 
 I love holiday romance stories and wanted to write a swoon-worthy bookJ

What inspires you?
 Love, Friendship and Romance

What authors do you love?
Diana Palmer, Debbie Macomber, Linda Lael Miller

What authors do you hate?
 I don’t really any authors’ books. I can usually find something that I like out of each book that I’ve read.

What authors do you hate to love?
I usually just read the same stuff from the same people… so... not I’m really not for this question.

Who is your favorite character in your book?
 My favorite in this new book is Mary. She is the female lead.

What part of the writing process do you enjoy the most?
 I enjoy coming up with the weird nuances that each character has in order to form their backgrounds and relationships.

What part of the writing process do you least enjoy? The editing.

Can you tell us about your latest WIP?
 I am starting NANOWRIMO today. My story is called “Phat like Me”  lol. It’s about a woman that was overweight and works out to change everything in her life… she loses the weight, still is awkward and finds out that dating anyone at any size sucks. It’s a comedy.

What are some marketing tips you can share?
I do Prime and Twitter pretty much together. I also list ads on craigslist, which I track, and surprisingly I get a lot of clicks from that. I’ve signed up with some blog tours and such. I just signed up with Substance Books. I’m hoping that will make the world of difference.

What is your day job?
 Mom/Writer/Substitute Teacher/Weekend restaurant warrior

What profession other than writing would you like to try?
 I would like to be a rancher.

What is your favorite curse word?
 I can’t say it on here. It’s the mother of all. We go hand-in-hand…unfortunately.

What is your favorite word?

What three things do you need to have around you when you write?
Computer, Blake Shelton CD, and something to drink.

What tips do you have for new writers?
Don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t worry about making the NY TIMES LIST… I’m selling pretty well now. Sure the books are only selling for .99, but a lot of people are reading my books and I am pretty happy for that. I have a lot of time left to worry about making it big.

What would you like to say to your fans?
Thank you so much for your support. You can’t imagine how much that means to me.

 Tessa and Jake had known each other since infants. But it took one drunken night for them to realize that they were made for each other. The Cowboy's Bride by Danielle Lee Zwissler is one of 2013's sweetest love stories. It takes an arch, a romantic cowboy and a dream of forever for this couple to get together.
The Cowboy Takes a Bride

 Jake Tavers didn't know how much he needed a break until he saw the ad in the paper about the Kids Kare Slave Auction. When he goes down to Kids Kare to place his bid, he meets Lorna...and instantly feels a connection.

The Cowboy Takes a Slave

It took Stacy and Jake less than a week to fall for each other, but will it last when it seems everything is going against them? Fall in love with Stacy, Jake, Max, Lola, Jerry and even Pickles in this funny, heartwarming short story!


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