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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


      I love to sit on the porch and write in my journal. I have a porch swing that hangs from the roof and it's nice and cool in the evening, at least most of the time. I live in a small town. That much, I'm sure you have guessed. For the most part, it has everything every other small town has. We have a main street packed with small two story buildings. Among those buildings there is a coffee shop, a couple pharmacies and a diner that serves alcohol called Waudby's. There are a couple antique stores and people love to visit them to see what new little treasures the curator has found for them.

      A couple streets over there is another street called Lincoln. That's my street. It goes from one end of the town to the other. I like my street. It's filled with all kinds of different and unique people. A couple houses down from me, there is a woman who goes outside and checks her flowers everyday. I 've seen her even get out there and weedeat. There are a lot of people in this town that love to walk their dogs. Some of them act like they are racing the dog to see who will win. While others, pretend they are on a casual strole. I always get a kick out of the ones who act like they are racing their dogs as I'm pretty sure the dog wins everytime.
      One of my most favorite people in this town to watch is who I like to call the cat lady. She isn't a traditional cat lady. Meaning she doesn't live alone in a house full of cats. She lives on the otherside of town. About 5 blocks down the street from my house, there is a railroad track. Beside the railroad track there is a small closed down antiques building. Attached to the building there is a fence and attached to that, there is an old cattle call ware house.

      There has to be hundreds of cats that live in this abandoned building. Everyday, the cat lady brings food and water. She also makes sure that they have their shots. The cats are so familiar with her car, they come running to eat and rub her leg to say thank you. She is the only person any of the cats will come to, and believe it or not, she is the only one they will not attack when the gate is opened. She is the Cat Whisperer of Russell county.

      I have spoke to her a couple times. My impression was simple, she loves the cats and has this need to take care of animals. According to her, her husband would be upset if she brought all of them home. So she keeps the building to make sure they all have a place to live. This put a smile on my face. She is not an odd woman in any way. She is funny and sweet. Since her children have grown, she needed something to take care of and love. The cat population is huge, but they are her children and that really is all there is to it.

      Animals are another one of those biggest little miracles I have been talking about. From my understanding, a dog loves you unconditional. A cat although independant is playful and cute. The birds love to sing and the turtles and fish like to swim. The one thing all the animals have in common is they don't seem to have the ability to hate. They can be affected by fear, and even protective in nature. Hatred and revenge don't seem to be one of the traits on their list.

      The following miracle is for all the animal lovers out there. I happen to be one of them. This one gave me the laughter through tears emotion I love to experience.

      Lynn Roberson's miracle

      Hi Joann! I have a miracle to tell you. Once we had mixed puppies and one evening one of them got strangely sick, lethargic, swollen and finally fell unconscious. We had him on a blanket in the kitchen. I prayed and prayed for him to get well, touching him and praying. At some point I felt it was past the possibil...ity of his recovering. I had been so grieved over him. I decided to stop grieving and just fill his last hours with all the love in my heart. I kept petting him and I let go of my intense "agenda" and quit praying for him to get well and instead prayed for a gentle passing and just loved him peacefully. I think that allowed the healing God wanted to do to happen. The puppy woke up, urinated blood, and then started walking around. Soon he was a bouncing healthy pup again. The remarkable power of simple creature love offered to God. Would you consider that a miracle? It sure felt like one to me!! (smile)

      I have to say first, Thank you Lynn for sharing this. I thought it was funny that at the end of the post, she asked me if I would consider this a miracle. My answer was: OMG Of course...smiles...

      Lynn is a very talented poet. I keep telling her to put them together. They have touched my soul and so has her story...smiles...hugs...


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