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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


      I have a little wire haired terrier named Kilo. I'm almost positive he's a little nuts. This is a dog who would rather chase a rock then a ball. When I take him for a walk, he always goes towards the biggest rock he can find.

      Kilo was named by his original owner. The man was a police officer who raised and trained drug dogs for the police force. Kilo's entire name is "The Panhandle's smallest Kilo trackers."  Pour dog, his name is bigger than he is. It's no wonder he has a complex. So Kilo came to my family because he was given to my parents. My dad loved him, my mom, well, not so much.

     I instantly loved Kilo, but like I said, I'm pretty sure he's a little nuts. We have a couple of huge trees in our yard. In one of these trees lives a family of squirrels. One of their favorite things to do is sit on a branch and look down at Kilo.

      I don't know if it's because the squirrels are there or if it's because they are constantly teasing him by just sitting out of his range, but Kilo is positive the squirrels are planning an invasion of our house. He stands out there under the tree and barks to no end. I swear when I watch the whole thing take place, I can see the smile on the faces of the squirrels.  A couple of times, I was sure they gave each other a high five.

      My dog is loyal, funny and a little nuts. I sometimes wonder if it's rubbing off on me. The miracle of it is the small dog who has managed to bring such a  great amount of laughter into my life. He is a small four legged creature with a lot of personality.


Always Abigail said...

Ahhh too sweet! Pet Kilo on the head for me! (LOL)

Browneyegirl145 said...

ok I will...he chased a solicitor off the other day. I laughed so hard...omg here was this little dog chasing a big guy off the porch...he he he

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