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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What do our children have to teach us?

My son is doing a paper titled, "What role does our generation have to play in the future?"

I know that we all remember having to write silly little papers like this when we were young. Reading through his notes, I realized that the generation we are raising are a lot smarter than we were as kids. They understand the way the world works at a younger age and they understand life is what you make it.

Here it is, a simple paper in which my son is tackling real life issues such as medical insurance and descussing war. The whole thing took me off guard and made me realize my son is growing up and notices more than I would have thought. If a person with such an innocent mind who has only been given love and understanding is able to see the world for what it really is and what it really can become, then why is it the rest of us can't seem to get it?

It is only through his courage of conviction and strength of character that he is able to come up with ideas that will make a world of difference to most of mainstream society. This is something I'm proud of and hope that he is able to make his voice heard. I love that he has his own unique views. What a great thing that is.

I want to apologize if this blog doesn't make any since. I have been sick lately. Just the flu, but it has made my life a living hell over the last couple days.

Thank you all and when Josh's paper is graded, I plan on posting it.


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