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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feeling Introverted

Everyone has a story. That's my belief. We all have that single spark of inspiration moving through us. Where will it take you? What if I add crimson red to the painting? What if I was destined to be a god? What if I was destined to be a mom? What if I add bells to this line of music? What if I dance in the middle of a lone highway while the rain pours down from the sky? We all have them. They are the muse within each of us.

A lot of people ask me how do you write a story. To which my answer is simple. You start with a blank document and write the first word that comes to mind and continue on from there. I didn't say that it would be a great story, but it is the way you start. From the moment I announced I was writing a book and trying to get published, I received one of several replies.

1 Oh that's nice, followed by the oh I'm so sorry look.

2 I have been thinking of doing the same thing.

3 You should write the story of my life, that would be a best seller.

For those in sentence number one, it is you who deserves the look of pity. After all the imagination is a great tool and if not used, disappears without a trace, leaving you with the empty void of nothingness.

For those in sentence 2, don't Write everyday. It doesn't matter what it is. Just write. Hone your skill, practice the words. Read as much as you can and keep going. That last part is the most important. KEEP GOING!!

For those in sentence 3, write the dam thing yourself. I have enough crap going on in my head without adding yours to the mix. I know that sounds harsh, but no one can tell your story the way you can. Yes there are great ghost writers who make a marvelous living at writing what's in the heads of others. To me though, they will never quite capture the moment the way you could because you lived it.

I guess the point is follow your muse. Don't stop because some hater gives you a look or tries to make you feel inferior. They are the ones missing out.

So what is a story exactly? It's what you want it to be. As you practice, you learn things like structure, style, polishing and so on. You pick up tips from other writers and you even find yourself being drawn in more and more. What a beautiful thing that is. Allow it to grow from within. Let it soar through you and explode out onto the page. Never...NEVER limit yourself because some other person said you couldn't do it, no matter what it is. (accept maybe robbing a bank, ya might want to stick to writing about crime)

Each person has their own path. Find out what yours is. As for me, I've been writing so long, I can't imagine life without it. Whether I end up in the bargain bend or on the best sellers list, at least I've had a blast!!

So go! Write! Live! Enjoy! Write! KEEP GOING!

The next blog is going to be about living on rejection. How can a rejection letter help you? 


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