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Monday, August 8, 2011

Tomorrow is The Writer's Round Table

The first ever Writer's Round Table is going to take place tomorrow LIVE on The Shark Radio Network! I have arranged for a group of creative people ranging from novelist, to script writers and directors to be on the line at the same time. The topic of discussion is how to go from blank page to novel, novel to script and script to movie.  We will be including subtopics such as how to write a good query letter, synopsis and movie treatment.

The guests include:

Jack Remick-Author of Blood and part owner of Bob and Jack’s writing blog.
Frank Araujo- Anthropologist and children’s book author, writes scripts for PBS
Lindsey Gray – Author of Redemption
Daniel Bautz – Indie film maker. Second Film out soon.
Katrina Kittle – YA writer of many novels including her latest, Reasons to be Happy. 

Each guest is going to have a few minutes to talk about their work and then we are going to dive head on into the subject. 
The Eclectic Artist Cave is dedicated to inspiring new writers as well as already established ones. The whole point is to tell the story and above all else, entertain. I hope you join us LIVE on The Shark Radio Network at 11 AM CST or noon EST. If you have a question, simply put it in the chat room or send it to me via Facebook. Joann Hamann-Buchanan, or twitter me at Joann H Buchanan. I will get to them. 

Also, you can download the Tune In App on your phone and search for The Shark. Just another way to tune in.
This is going to be a blast!!


Joann Hamann-Buchanan said...

The Writer's Round Table was such a success, I'm going to do this again. Right now I'm working on getting a director, a couple of screen writers and novelists together for the next installment of this. For those who listened, thank you soooo much. We had a blast with all of you!!

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