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Saturday, July 17, 2010


     Today, I wanted to share a miracle with you that a friend sent to me. This was sent to me by a fellow blogger. I'm feeling very privilaged to have it shared with me. I have been asked not to use the person's real name. However, I'm allowed to share the blog name. Thank you for sharing.

From DagTag:

Here's my little Miracle for today.

      Today I remembered what happened in Tokyo. My marriage was just about over, my husband a raging, alcoholic lunatic..... and I was having panic attacks regularly. It was intensified by living in a country where I didn't speak the language well.... or know anyone. During these attacks, you just feel like you're going to explode or die. You want it to stop, and even think about ending your life......not because you want to're just in pain.

      I had a lot of fantasies in Tokyo, about how I'd end it if I lost control.. One day, I was in the subway. The trains in Tokyo are very fast, and the crowds are worse than NYC. I toyed with the idea of jumping....not really seriously, just as an option.....I was having a bad attack.

      The family structure in Japan is much different than the US. Children are allowed to run around crazy. There are no kidnapping worries, and kids are encouraged to 'discover' their world while young. After age 13, it's serious, study, and work..

      I was standing on the platform... fists clenched, heart pounding, in full panic mode.. A train was coming. For a moment, I thought of stepping off that platform, until I saw a little boy..., about age 4, running around wildly. His parents were ignoring him....a common sight. The Conductor at the end of the platform was watching the lights changing, and the oncoming train.

      The little boy ran to the edge of the platform, and was losing his balance. I snapped out of my mood , ran over, and quickly picked up the child before he could fall........ just seconds before the train entered the station. I know I saved his little life. His parents glared at me like I was crazy. I just gave the child to them, pointed to the train and shook my head. They finally understood me, and bowed. I bowed in return,

      I ran out of the get some air, and process what had happened. I thought of my fantasy...what I almost did......and the child I had saved. My panic attack was gone, and I never had another dark urge again.......even though my personal situation in Tokyo became worse. In saving that boy, I learned to control my panic.....I'd saved us both.

      You can use that story, but please use my blogger name...... DagTag.
      I chose this one because it was an act of kindness that saved her and the boy. I love that this person no longer has dark thoughts like this. I have been lucky to have this person as a friend. The conversations we have with eachother are always fun and make my day...smiles...I will be posting this blog in my links, I'm pretty sure that you will all love it as much as I do...smiles...
DagTag, thank you for sharing this with me and allowing me to post it...smiles...hugs...


Anonymous said...

What a touching story of redemption. Thanks for sharing!

Joann H. Buchanan said...

Thank you for reading it. DagTag is a good friend of mine....smiles...

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