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Sunday, July 18, 2010


     The Lord said, " See, I am sending an Angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.  EXODUS 23:20

     About 7 years ago, I began a new spiritual journey. The journey I began wasn't based on a single religion per say. It was more of a combination of different ideals and thoughts as to what I thought religion was all about. Truth be told, I discovered that there is a difference between religion and spiritual awakening. If the question is do you believe in God, then the answer is yes. If the question is do you listen, then I'm sad to say that more often in my life than not, the answer was and still is, no. No I don't always listen.

      Listening is one of those biggest little miracles I was talking about earlier.

      The thing that started me on my journey was when I had a near death experience. To those who don't know, I get blood clots. In 2003, I developed what was called a puliminary embolism. That's a fancy way of saying I had a blood clot in my lungs. I couldn't breathe and I was sure that I had somehow pulled a muscle moving the sleeper sofa in the living room so I could clean behind it. The longer the day went on, the more I was unable to breathe. It was about eleven pm when I decided I needed to go to the emergency room. They drugged me up so I could relax and I fell asleep.
      I remember coming to in the middle of a cat scan. For those who don't know, if you fall asleep before you enter a cat scan, and wake up in the middle, the whole thing can be terrifying. I woke up and thought they were burying me alive. I'm not sure how loud I screamed, or even how long it lasted. What I do remember was saying that I was alive and pleading for them, whoever they were, not to bury me. I look back at that now and laugh.
      A voice on the speaker sounded and I was told that everything was ok, and I passed out again. I didn't wake up again for three days. During that time, I died for about 3 minutes and. That might not seem like a lot, but to me, it was an experience that made me realize without a doubt that we are not alone. I don't remember any white tunnel or any other thing, but I do remember seeing the most beautiful beings I had ever seen. It was a peace I had never known and to this day, the memory of it brings me joy. I know that there is purpose to life, not just mine, but all life. The last thing I remember before waking up was a voice telling me that it wasn't my time yet. A second later, I was awake.
      My encounter with Angels is not a unique one. It is my firm belief that when we take the time to listen, not just to others, but to ourselves, that we can hear the messages being given to us everyday. Angels exist. They are all around us. They are the little voice in our hearts that make us go left when we were going to go right.

      The following story was sent to me by a friend named Angela Morrell Arnold.
      Angela Morrell Arnold's miracle:

      On 8-7-87 I picked my kids up from the babysitter. Had an appt in an hr so I took them to my neighbor. My 4 yr old son cried! I miss u mommy! Guilt! I had a feeling not to take him. Debated back & forth. Kept hearing loudly in my heart DON'T TAKE HIM (maybe my gut?) I left him. Drove 5 blocks & was hit by a Chevy Blaze...r! My son always sat on the arm rest. He would have been thrown into the windshield & killed instantly! My miracle!!

      While some people will call it nothing more than intuition, I call it angels. They are sent to us to guide us and send us messages. They minister to our needs and tell us about the future. There are those who will say they are a figment of my imagination and that the chemicals in my brain caused the event to happen. Angela's story can't be explained away quite so easy. She was sent a message and decided to listen to it.

      For this reason, listening is another one of those biggest little miracles I have been talking about. Listening to each other allows us to relate from the heart. It changes our prespective about life. It saves lives. Listening to our own little voice, means that we are listening messages from a higher power. For me, that higher power is God. For others, perhaps it's Buddah or Yewah. I don't know. What I do know, is that listening is a miracle that can be either given or recieved.


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